Sunday, February 20, 2022

Monday Montage 208 Rainbow of Happiness

February has been a pretty quiet month - not a whole lot happening. Here are my sparkler thoughts this evening.
  •  My boy crush doesn't want to celebrate his birthday this coming week, but I do.  We'll see who wins that discussion.  
  • I've been trying to convince myself I need to give up my soda habit and spend more time walking at the park.  I need me some Sunshine and natural vitamin D
  • Practicing my sourdough bread skills. MMmmm love me some fresh out of the oven bread
  • Having a hard time not putting Cadbury Easter Eggs in my shopping cart
  • Looking forward to my monthly brunch group this week.
  • Played Pickleball for the first time last week.  If only I could find some newbies that want to learn with me and oh yeah, find a court.

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I am feeling the spring fever.  But like in many states that experience all four season in the extreme, we are going from a 60F degree weekend to freezing cold temperatures for Presidents Day.  Snowy, Wet...stay in and craft kinda day.  Except for walking the dog, it will be a stay inside day.  I do have a batch of sourdough bread in the fridge ready for baking in the morning.  Been trying out using Rye flour in my starter.  Will have to report.

I am not entirely sure this card works... but I love the daisy with the rainbow and the little sentiment in the arch.  The sparkle that was cut out four times from the light side of the Ombre paper.  Which, by the way, is sooo sparkly and pretty.  I love the brass butterflies - they are so cute, I had to include them. 

    • Rainbow of Happiness, Peaceful Moments
    • Ink - Black
    • Paper - White, Navy, Ombre Specialty paper
    • Accessories - Large and Medium Daisy Punches, Brilliant Rainbow Dies, Polka dot EF, Brush Brass Butterflies, Champagne rhinestones

Reading - The Island of Missing Trees
Eating - Homemade Chinese - Veggies Stir Fry and Walnut Shrimp
Watching - Closing Ceremonies
Loving - That this week is "the Crush's" Birthday
Listening - Encanto - I can't help myself 
Feeling - Anxious - not sure why.

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Lynne said...

It works. Love the daisy.