Friday, October 29, 2010

It is still raining on my parade

This week shall we say has been a killer.  Without saying too much...the new finance program has caused a few more headahces than anticipated.    The last couple of days have been 13 to 14 hour work days.  In fact, the stress and pressure have been so great that one of my team members had a huge anxiety attack and ended up going home.  Today, being the last day of the month and still trying to sort things out - I hope to get to some of the other assignments that caused the emotional duress so that when this person comes back on Monday - it won't be so bad.

It's all good - things will eventually work out.  Ralph and Riley are missing me and I am looking foward to spending the weekend with them.

So to the person who asked where my Christmas Countdown went - I say....Out the window.  Maybe tonight and/or tomorrow I will work on some- no promises.

Ta Ta for now

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Wendybell said...

Awwww, friend ... I'm so sorry your week has been so much less than stellar ... eat a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie; that'll fix EVERYthing!! (I wonder how many WW points is in one of THOSE??)

Hugs, my dear ... :)