Tuesday, October 12, 2010

11 weeks till Christmas - 4 days late Smiley from millan.net

Haven't been feeling too chatty these days and definitely not in the mood to create Christmas stuff.  Last night at 10:00 I kicked my rear in gear and did a quick card.  Didn't turn out to bad for being a quicky.

Stamps - Peace on Earth
Ink - Cherry Cobbler
Paper - Cherry Cobbler, Whisper White
Accessories - Gold cord, metallic gold smooch, embossing folder

My stamp a stack went great.  I love having the gals over to hang out, I guess stamping is the avenue I choose to do that.  If I had a more comfy couch and a better TV I would host girls nights all the time.  We would watch chick flicks and eat chocolate, play games, eat chocolate, paint our nails, eat chocolate... and laugh until we pee'd our pants or sent diet coke out our noses.

On that note - I have been in the mood to watch chick flicks.  I recently have watched 27 dresses which was on TV on Sunday and last night as I climbed into bed and started flipping channels I watched The Wedding date.  I haven't seen letters to Juliet yet, but it is on the list to rent along with several other movies.  Do you have a favorite chick flick - please share!
Ta Ta for now


Wendybell said...

I'm still partial to "You've Got Mail" and A&E's version of Pride and Prejudice ... or ANYTHING with Tom Hanks or Hugh Grant or Johnny Depp ... or Orlando Bloom ... oh man, don't get me started!! Sheesh!! If I think of any specific good ones that I think you may not have seen, I'll let ya know (and I DO love 27 Dresses!).

11 weeks??? Seriously????? Thanks for pointing that out ...

I agree that we need to have a girls' movie/chocolate laugh-diet-coke-out-of-our-noses night ... just name the date, my friend!! ;)

marlene said...

I want to have girls night with you its a good thing I am coming to see you! ok chick flicks all about anything with Julie Roberts she my fav how about ps I love you if you haven't seen letters to Juliet for sure when me and mom come

marlene said...

cant wait to get my card you are so good love you