Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10 Things

on my mind...
1.  Work - still working long shifts
2.  Stamp club on the 13th - fun ideas - just gotta sit down and design
3.  Ralph and Riley - I miss them when I work long hours
4.  TCU vs Utah
5.  I miss my stamps - no time to play.
6.  Plans for Thanksgiving week - don't over plan - there is just too much I want to do.
7.  Harry Potter Movie - gotta get tickets
8.  Primary stuff - activity to put together
9.  Oh so looking forward to spending time with family
10. I need sleep

   Ta Ta for now


marlene said...

that sounds like a good list to me but not to much time for cheryl I really hope you bet tcu I cant wait to come see you to

Wendybell said...

I wanna play with my stamps, too! You should come over ... we should also get HP tickets together ... double date!! :) Can't wait!!