Sunday, June 30, 2013

You Know It's Hot, and other random thoughts

Besides the dogs having flu like symptoms (projectile vomiting and diarrhea) it has been so hot.  They wander around trying to get comfortable, they are completely lethargic.  We have a swamp cooler, but it isn't very efficient in keeping the house cool.  It is better than nothing, but sadly lacking.

I am so ready for a a good nights rest.  I have two dogs that are sick, I can't imagine having sick kids with the same problems.  I guess there is a reason we only have dogs.From Millan.Net

Don't you hate it when you hurt yourself and have nothing to show for the pain?! We use a child gate to keep the dogs in a certain area of the house.  Specifically while Oliver continues his potty training and they both are sick.  As I was climbing over the gate I smacked my knee against the door jam.  Really hurt!!! The sad thing is that there is not much to show for my wound. The next day there was a nice goose egg and mild bruising, but you couldn't really tell.

I am looking forward to a short week and spending time with Ralph and my hopefully on the mend puppies.

Ta Ta for now


Friday, June 21, 2013

A New View and A Donut

Once again I find myself playing musical chairs at work.  Although I can't because of security issues
take a picture of my cubicle, I am putting a picture up of the window I get to look through.  They (the powers that be) decided that if they made the cubicle walls into half walls there would be more light...and there is.   I am not entirely convinced I like the open work area, I love the window.

In my new Stampin UP catalog, there is a picture of a stack of donuts that looks amazing.  A friend called Stampin UP and found out the donuts were from a place called Beyond Glaze.  The bad thing is that they are located quite a ways from us.  The good thing is they are located quite a ways from us and I won't be ingesting so many calories.  No...actually there are opening up a store 4 blocks from where I live.  Ralph made a road trip out to that area for a business meeting that happened to be close to the shop, so I asked him nicely to pick some up for us to try. 
Signature Dozen
We didn't have all of these, but we tried several.  My favorites of the ones we tried are the maple bacon, and the salted caramel chocolate.  The donuts were ho-hum.  I like the texture of my donuts to be very light, like Banbury Cross donuts.  These were much heavier - almost like a sweet roll.  The toppings make up for the heavy texture.  They were good and I will probably find myself at the store again, but not as a regular.

Oliver found himself at the Vet on Wednesday to get his man card taken away from him.  Riley felt a little out of sorts while his little buddy was away.  Oliver is recovering well, but has his spells of  "I better slow down...I don't feel so good".   Riley is glad his little buddy is home.

Tomorrow we get to pick peas, clean house, work on a couple of "projects" and spend part of the afternoon/evening at a youth conference.  I may opt out and spend the evening catching on prep for convention.
I have a slow start, but things are on the move.

Ta Ta for now

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Time No See

It has been a while since I have blogged.  Don't get me wrong, I have had lots to post and tell you about, but when I did have a minute the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of the computer and type. 

Oliver is growing...we went to the Vet for a booster shot and he weighed in at 30.4.  He is just six months and is as cute and naughty as possible.  The potty training is doing pretty good.  We still have a few accidents if we don't keep up with our schedule of getting them outside by a certain time.


He loves to sit on his haunches, will eat anything, loves to pick up anything and everything off the sidewalk and carry it around in his mouth.  Sometimes chewing and swallowing it.  He loves to chew on everything including my fingers and furniture.  He loves to sit at Ralph's feet and when he is in our home office, he loves for Ralph to hold him so he can see out the window.  He wants to meet everyone and has yet to figure out that he has to sit before he jumps on them.

The card making still continues.  It is an avenue that I can still keep up my creative juices and keep the stress at bay. 

Here is a project I made in a quick minute to give to Billie my SIL.  She recently decided to join the LDS Church.  We are so excited for Norman as well.  We know she will be strong and get keep both of them active as their testimony's grow. 
Here is the card and the gift bag.  I saw a similar one on pinterest that was done with a special die.  After I had seen the tutorial, I knew I could figure it out with Stampin' UP's word window punch and a border punch.  This way you can use a plain bag, add the card and have a beautifully decorated  bag.

Work is good, it seems like we have had a lot of changes and turnover in the last year.  It has been hard, but good.  Our new system seems to be working well and having good responsible employees really helps.

We are trying to keep up with our share of the garden.  I am anxiously awaiting a fresh tomato from the garden.  Yesterday I walked down the row of peas and picked and ate to my hearts content.  We also had fresh strawberries.  They are so sweet and they taste like a strawberry.  That may sound funny, but when you compare them to the fruit purchased in the store there is a defined flavor difference.

There is a busy week ahead so I am off to get some sleep before it all hits.
Ta Ta for now