Saturday, October 16, 2010

We had a Sleepover

Since the kids were out of school this weekend  and there were no soccer games we opted to have 4 crazy monkey's stay over night.

We started with Pizza and rootbeer.  We had lots of laughs and silliness.  One of the monkey's told us that BYU stands for Barney's Yellow Underwear.  Of all the monkeys this one is the most loyal to the blue, so we are not sure how this came up.  It was entirely unsolicited from the Red fans.  Once two large pizzas were almost demolished we decided to watch a movie.
I had rented How to Train Your Dragon.  Dream Works never disappoints.  We loved it.  We talked about whether it was going to be a happy ending and if friendships would be formed, which dragon we would want to fly and how much Toothless' mannerisms mimicked Rileys.  They loved the Fat bumble bee dragon.  Ralph decided this is one movie we will add to the collecitons.  YAY!  At this point dinner had settled enough we changed into jammies and had cookies and popcorn as we settled in to watch the next movie - Karate Kid.  Thirty minutes into the show it was a 80% vote to go to bed.  We got teeth brushed and got them all settled in.  At this point we couldn't get them to shut up.  Finally monkey #4 was removed from the room for 5 minutes.  In that time the rest of the monkeys were asleep and we settled the 4th one in.  All was quiet except for Riley's snores.

This morning everyone slowly got up and Ralph and I prepared breakfast...buttermilk pancakes, bacon, fried potatoes and onions and chocolate milk.   I haven't had a heavy breakfast like that in ages.  Ugh - good thing I have the rest of the day to recoup.  Their Dad came and picked them up - and then all was quiet. 

The rest of today will be spent making phones calls, cleaning my stamp area, prepping for opening exercises tomorrow, a little bit of exercise and watching a football game.   Isn't it a shame the weekends fly by?
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Nate & Sarah said...

how fun! what a great weekend! and glad to know you liked that show. we have yet to see it but now we'll have to rent it soon.

Wendybell said...

Sounds like the little monkeys have the GREATEST Uncle and Auntie!! Totally good times!! I have yet to see this movie, but it looks like it is moving to the top of my list!! :)