Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stamp a Stack Steppin it UP

It doesn't seem right to still be running the heater on May 1st.  We have East winds that are cold.  I am still wrapped up in sweatshirts and soft blankets to watch TV or relax.  CRAZY

I don't know about you, but I am always scrambling for a cute little gift, or card to give someone when they do something wonderful for me or to someone who needs a pick me up.

I decided to create a little pack of Thank You Cards that can be easily tied with a ribbon and gifted to someone.  Or even better used at the last minute for a quick appreciation for something nice they did.

I started out with a simple floral stamp from Number of Years stamp set and a nice greeting from One Big Meaning Stamp set.  I love single layer cards.

A perfect 4x3-1/2 card for writing a note to let someone know they are appreciated.
Then I decided to step it up with a border.

I couldn't stop there because I am addicted to the linen thread.  I love the natural texture and it adds a slight rusticness to the card.  Is rusticness a word?  Probably not but it fits.  I also added a couple of yellow enamel dots to the blue flowers.  It really makes them pop. 

I contemplated pearls and white ribbon which would also look good. 
Wink of Stella painted on the petals would add a nice shimmer. 
Another idea would be to change the border to match the colors of the flowers so that there is a variety in the gift pack. 
The options are endless.

So easy but super cute.  And who wouldn't want a stack of those as a gift.  Plus they make up it just minutes.
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