Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Baby Shower and Chores

Today we are having a family shower for my neice who just not quite a month ago adopted a little baby.  Smiley from millan.netHe is the Cutest little guy.  She has already had a couple of showers and had a lot of the baby supplies before he even arrived - just so they could be prepared.  So I thought and thought about what to give...another baby outfit of which she will have several - or something else. 

I opted for a box of home made thank you cards - 30 of them.  It seems like sending a thank-you card is becoming a lost art.  I know how much it means to me to receive a thanks for all you do/did.  So, by giving this gift to her, she can give back to so many.  I am also including a package of diapers. (expensive little suckers)  Glad I don't have to budget those in.  So..with that thought here is a picture of the card and the package.

I used the Cuttlebug baby folder for the background in whisper white.  I then cut out a giraffe with the special delivery cricut cartrdige in barely banana and creamy caramel.  The tag is cut with the same cartridge with gable green.  I printed the sentiment on my computer and punched it with a 3/4 in punch.  The flower is punched with a stampin up flower punch and adhered with a white brad and tied with a piece of linen thread.  Simple, but effective and oh So cute - I know!!!!! 
I wrapped 8 hershey nuggets to match the box I made so that the new mommy could have some chocolate as she wrote out her thank you cards.   I always wonder, when I give gifts of "myself" meaning I created and made them - how they will be received and if the receiver will appreciate the work that went into them as a home made gift. 

The family decided on taco salad and fruit.  It happens to be one of my favorite meals and easy to fix.  I get to bring lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.  I am all for the veggies!

After the shower - hopefully I will get some exercise in, (especially after having pizza for dinner the night before) some house cleaning, some thank you notes to my Stampin up customers for their orders before they get delivered, and a sharing time for Sunday planned.  Whew - Don't you just love weekends.  All that free time 
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Dad

For your birthday... I would sing you a song, invite as many family members as we could to your party becausebeing around your family always made you happy.  I would take you fishing, fix your hooks and any knots that somehow showed up on your line.  I would hold your hand and walk with you at what ever speed you could handle.  I would fix you one of your favorite meals - fried shrimp, fresh garden tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in vinegar,corn on the cob smothered in butter, seasoned salt and pepper, a slice of watermelon with a scoop of ice cream and home made cookies.  I would ask you to tell me one more time about how you put the smoke bomb into some ole guys pick up - or about the stunts you and Marlo would pull.  I would play the piano or my flute for you - not that my skills are great - but you wouldn't care.  I love you so much and I have such great memories of our times spent together.  I miss you terribly!!!
I know you are doing great things where you are - and I know that one day we will see each other again.  Until then...
Love your Dolly
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All good things must come to an end

I took some time off from work to go on a little road trip to Idaho with Ralph over the 4th of July holiday.  Before I go any further - I took my camera but failed to use it.Smiley from  So there won't be any pictures detailing the excursion.

We had such a good time.  First of all a big shout out to my SIL and BIL for letting us use their vehicle.  It means a lot to me to be able to visit and since our car is still sick - only good for short quick jaunts - we are at the mercy of our generous family.

We spent the first night at my brother's - and can I just say - he makes THE best pizza I have ever had.  I have got to learn his technique.  The only problem is that then I would need to eat it and I still am motivated to stay on track with my weight loss goals - so maybe not this week.  We went to church at his ward.  The Relief Society President gave my Mom and I a little bag with a couple of chocolate kisses with a scripture on it referencing strangers being friends.  I left mine in my Mothers purse - so I don't have the exact reference, but what a special way to make guests feel welcome.  Sunday School rarely impresses me and this was no difference.  Sacrament Mtg - was fast and testimony meeting.  Lot of kids got up to bear their testimonies.  While I don't want to discourage this - I agree with Elder Oaks that kids should bear their testimonies at home until they are of age to really share what they believe.

Sunday afternoon we drove to GV where we spent the rest of the day.  We had a great 4th of July dinner - steak, oven fries, green beans, salad, cheese cake.  We enjoyed spending time relaxing the afternoon away. 
Monday - we drove to Stanley - to visit the sawtooths.  This is another one of my absolute favorite places.  Truly Gods country.  Not a great picture, taken with a cell phone.  We had a great picnic lunch with all my favorites - Crispy baguette, lunch meat, cheese, veggies, dip, chips, fruit.  We played in the water with Lucy - my adopted doggie. Riley made great strides with his "water" issues. (Although I don't think they stuck as he still walks around the sprinklers and puddles) We thought it was a great idea to head to the fish hatchery.  We saw lots of King Salmon as the run had just started.  It was fun to watch them climb the lockes.  We stopped for an ice cream bar and a diet coke for the trip home.  It was a fun time for all.

The rest of the week we spent the mornings helping clean up my Moms yard and the afternoons were spent napping, watching movies, doing puzzles, reading - really enjoying ourselves.  The time went quickly and as the title say's it was time to head back to reality...The weeds in the family garden, work and everyday stuff and my Stampin UP Convention was right around the corner.  I was so happy to be able to go and have the time to spend with my Mom, Ralph and my brother.

Ta Ta for now
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Birthdays - a few days late

We celebrated three birthday's this month. All three of them occurred while Ralph and I were away visiting my Mother. I knew the cards needed to be made as soon as I got home, which they were, but didn't end up in the mail until a week later Oops!!!! But they say - Better late than never.

Here is the card sent to the two guys - my BIL and my brother.
The inside of the card said something to the effect "Happy birthday to an old dawg!  Here is to a year of new tricks"  I actually really liked this one.
Stamps - Hit the road
Paper - Old Olive, Crumb Cake, Chocolate Chip, Night of Navy, Whisper White
Ink - Chocolate Chip, Stazon Black
Accessories  - Wheel (can't remember the name) blender pens, brads, cuttlebug folder, word window punch.

The next one is for a SIL -   Once again I used colors that Ralph is not entirely fond of - pink and brown.  I think because I use them so much.  But I think it is a darling card.  The inside reads - Here is to a year of many more sweet celebrations.  Which in fact, she has a very sweet thing to celebrate as she got her first grandchild the same week.  We are very excited for her and for their family.

Stamps - Sweet Scoops
Paper - chocolate chip, pretty in pink and whisper white
Ink - Rose Red, pretty in pink, chocolate chip, soft suede
Accessories - scalloped border punch, circle punch, paper piercer.

Well - there are always more birthdays and celebrations to stamp for.
Ta Ta for now and keep cool
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is not diet food

Have you ever heard of a Machine Gun...Sandwich?  Me neither.  I heard of the this little shop on one of our local news stations.  I have been wanting to try their fries and waffles, but had not yet heard about this amazing sandwich.  Man vs Food came to Salt Lake City to try out some of our cuisine.  Which is when I really heard about this sandwhich that "Adam" came to try at a this little shop located on 336 W Broadway by the name of Bruges Waffles.  Bruges does not have a huge offering on their menu - in fact - they sell Frites, Waffles and the Machine Gun.  Rumor has it from the owner of Bruges that Adam (star of the TV show) apparently tried the sandwhich and loved it so much he returned the next day for another one.

Well, one afternnoon, my coworker returns from running a couple and errands during his lunch hour with one of these bad boys. I sit there eating my salad greens, the smell is just amazing.  He did offer me a french fry which I of course did not turn down.  So crispy and tasty - I knew that I was going to have to have one of those sandwhiches.

I talked another one of my co workers into going with me and the next day we were off on our food quest.  I ordered the sandwhich (pricey) and this is what came my way...  The bread - absolutely amazing.  Crisp crust - chewy bread, the best kind.  You then see these amazing fries and the home made spicy mayo.  You do have to "search" for the lamb sausage.  You are given two of them, but they are relatively small for the size of the sandwhich, but the flavor of the meat does pack a punch.  I did make it through my sandwich, but I will say I probably won't eat one of those again for quite some time.  Total Carb heavy.  I think it needed a few veggies to offset the rich flavors.  I wouldn't mind going back for an order of fries and their dipping/mayo sauces.  They were so good.  I have yet to try a waffle - which is still on the list of things to try.

Well here's to many more food adventures.  May they be far and few between as I continue my quest to become a little bit smaller.

Ta Ta for now

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

29 Floors and Counting

Since it has been so hot outside I haven't been able to do my regular walk during my lunch hour.  My friend Allison has started climbing the stairs at work and suggested I give it a try.  Whew I thought - is that something I could even do?  Shoot, I get winded afer going up the stairs in my home - all 12 of them.  After much encouragement from my sweety and friends here at work I gave it a try.  Well...I took a pretty slow pace and what do you know - I made it all the way to the top - all 29 floors, all 671 stairs, and then we came down all 29 floors, all 671 stairs.  The biggest surprise was that it was done in under 20 minutes.  How much did I suffer???? Short of a couple of calf muscles that were a little tight and thanks to my personal chiropractor who helped stretch them I think I can keep this up.  WOW!

So now that we are back from Idaho I hope to make this trek everyday, until it cools off enough to get back outside.  YAY for me!
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Friday, July 2, 2010


This week, as I have run around trying to get everything done - I have taken a few moments to observe...
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Weather - Hot Hot Hot - I am so grateful for my swamp cooler - it makes life comfortable.
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Gym - Have you ever noticed how much guys check each other out at the gym.  I am not talking about the homosexuals of which there are plenty in our area.  I am talking about the guys who strut around the gym in their USC football sweatshirts wondering  deep down if they are tougher than the next guy - when in reality, they have a bit of a gut and wear the sweatshirt to hide it. 
They watch each other with envy that they can't lift as much,or with pride because they can and they think they are way better looking.  Or you have seen the guys who can't seem to step away from the mirror.  They claim they want to make sure they have the right "form" when in reality they are admiring the view.  I admit - some of them are pretty nice to view.Smiley from  (did I just say that?)

Trax - I noticed yesterday that there was a mother and son riding the train - he took such good care of her.  He made sure she had a seat and that she didn't fall - even though she stood up as the train was stopping.  I noticed a family board the train.  It must have the been the first time for the kids because all they could do was giggle as the train when speeding to its next stop two blocks down.  They were so bummed when they had to get off.  I also noticed that not too many folks moved over in their seats to make room for new riders.

Ralph - He is so patient with me and so kind and supportive.  I love that we have so many common interests and we dig in together to get things done - whether it is weeding the garden, cleaning house, cooking dinner and cleaning up or making it to the gym.  I appreciate him swallowing his pride to make sure I have a way to spend time with my family. 

Smiley from millan.netChurch calling - People no longer feel the need to be on time - or take responsibilty for things they have committed to do.  Also that I need to have a house of order yet my house needs to be governed in meekness, when in reality I just want to strangle a couple of them. Smiley from

Work - the closer you get to taking some time off - the more there is to get done.

On that note - I will say
Ta Ta for now
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