Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Digital Studio - AKA MDS

I have started to dabble a bit with digital scrapbooking.  Stampin UP's My Digital Studio (MDS) is so easy to use and has so many options to choose from - the sky is the limit!

Let me preface that last comment with.... I don't scrapbook.  My interest in paper crafting is anything but a scrapbook page. My life is so exciting I could never keep up with the photo's.  OK - heres the truth...My life is so normal that I don't think about taking photos of much of anything except my dogs and you know...people get tired of dog pictures.

Here is one of the main reasons I got excited about MDS is that I have to do a lot of flyers tied to my church activities.  I knew that this was going to put them over the top and so easy to make.

Here is one that I recently did for a Relief Society Activity.

I used a card template set up for a baby shower.  I changed some of the layout and added my own text and voila, an invite.  

I am not a huge fan of MDS cards because they look so store bought andone dimensional. In a pinch though they work out splendidly.  You can always add an embellishment to the card to add some dimension. 

Here is one I did for my Mom.
I took a flower stamp and resized and positioned it on the paper and then colored it, added some text and I'm done.  If I got super fancy, after I printed it I could add a button and ribbon to the center of the flower to make it a hybrid.

Here is my attempt at scrapbooking.  This is our little baby bulldog who isn't so little but still so cute.  That is, until you find him chewing a brand new shoe.  I once again used a template already in place, but added my own photos and text.
 I can promise you that even if you are someone with very little time...this makes putting your efforts into a project worth every second.

Your next hop spot is Jeanna Bohanon, if only I had the talent of what she had it just her little finger.