Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sassy girl!

With a chance of Mar seeing her birthday card before she gets it in the mail - I will post the card tomorrow.  Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Mar!

Work has been "fun"  We have been given an actual date for a system upgrade that will be installed and should be "supposedly" working.  The team has really tried to keep up beat about the changes and talking about all the "fun" we will have trying to figure things out.  Well...I think my feelings are best shown in this video clip from "The New Emporers Groove"  I am fun'd out!

It is definitely going to make for a interesting October and year end process.  Hopefully we are all surprised that everything works.
I have a couple of books I have recently finished to share with you.
My bookgroup just reviewed Beyond the Earth and Sky by Jamie Zeppa
A story about a young 20 something gal who drops everything in her life to teach English in Bhutan.  I am not feeling the 5 star rating with this one that so many people have given it.  The writing is good, but she comes accross so naive and clueless.  I was irritated with her choices.  I did like how she "sort of" integrated herself into the culture by studying budhism.  I thought she was clueless when she tried to teach her "Western World" ways of thought to her students who have been raised with the strong political and religious beliefs of their families and country.  I would have thought in her training they would have warned against teaching western ideas.  I felt like her over romanticized view of the people and country was an over compensation for leaving her fiance and civilized world behind... kind of like her way of dealing with it.  I loved when the teacher from from India brought her back to real life.  Even if it only lasted a few minutes.  The ending left so many holes and so many unfinished stories.   Even though it was well written I don't know that I would reccomend it.

For pleasure I just finished Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman  I felt so sorry for this little girl to begin with.  I know there are kids out there in real life dealing with manic parents.  If I didn't know things were going to improve for her I probably wouldn't have finished reading the book.  It is a story of this young girl coming to terms with what she had to deal with in her early years of age.  Her Mother had some serious mental issues and her Dad did not know how to deal with them so he disappears into his work.  She is taken in by a great aunt and the "help".  I liked the story.  It had some very funny moments.  I wouldn't reccomend the book if you have real issues from childhood - it might hit too close to home.  To anyone else looking for cute story -give it a read.

Well - Things to do
Ta Ta for now

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