Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and an extra hour of sleep

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Good morning one and all.  First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  I hope it turns out great for all.  GO UTES! 

I had a great evening last night.  DH fixed dinner and then we watched Disturbia. On a sidenote...Ralph stayed awake during the whole thing. YAY!  Ralph bought the movie when it first came out on DVD and I haven't ever taken the time to watch it.  (MOVIE SPOILER)...I rather enjoyed the movie - good suspense, a little romance and the bad guy gets it in the end.  Shia LaBeouf in not one of my favorite actors, but he did well in this one.  David Morse - the creepy guy does a real good job.   In fact I think most of the roles he has ever played he has been a "creepy guy".  I guess he has got that role down.  Very convincing.

Do you believe in Ghosts? Smiley from  DH loves to watch the Ghost Hunters and well as the Ghost Adventures.  Sometimes they are very fascinating to watch.  Tonight the Ghost Adventures dudes are having a "live" show at a lunatic asylum.  DH has been sucked in.  Kind of silly, very dramatic and they swear way too much.   Of course it is bleeped out, but the bleeps get old.  SH-bleep bleep bleep bleep.
Do I believe in ghosts...yes I believe there are spirits amoung us.  Can I explain what they are doing?  No.  Do I want a better understanding?  Would be nice, but don't really care. 

I love the fact that daylight savings time has been extended.  If I had it my way - which I rarely ever do - I would permanently move to daylight savings.   Another reason to love the fall is that when the time changes, we get an extra hour.  The question I use the extra hour wisely?  Most of the time yes - I sleep.  Sometimes I stay up too late and then it is completely wasted.
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Well...I have lots to do today.  I have got my Honey do list all set to go. (poor Ralph)  I don't know if the car is going to make it to the shop, but I can keep my fingers crossed.  Lots of chores to do whether it gets in or not.

Have a great day!  Ta Ta for now.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally Friday!

I didn't think this work week was ever going to end.  Don't get me wrong...I have plenty to do and never enough time to really get on top of things, but I have had enough of sitting at the desk/computer for now. 
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Even though there is a to do list, I am looking forward to the weekend. We will be:
  • putting plastic on windows to preserve some of that expensive heat
  • probably raking some leaves
  • Hopefully taking the car in for some repairs $$$. 
  • Prepping the house for guests
  • Going to a football game - GO UTES!
  • preparing a sunday school lesson on FH (oh, Yay) 
  • and hopefully catching up on some sleep
I think hubby and I will watch a movie tonight perhaps even a scary one.  Actually what will really happen is I will watch the movie and DH will sleep.  (now I will be in trouble for saying that)
Smiley from Have you noticed lately it seems there are lots of cold and flu bugs circulating. Half the staff at work are coughing and sniffing.  I guess as long as there is no shaking hands and keeping my distance, I should be ok.  Of course that includes, a huge bottle of Purell hand sanitzer at my desk, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, keep the white sugar and white flour intake down, increase the fruts and veggies, and take your vitamins.   Oh, and don't forget keep your stress levels down. is to a headache free weekend full of rest and fun!
Ta Ta for now.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are pansies really pansies?

As I was walking into work yesterday from the parking lot to the office building, I noticed that all the flower beds on the church grounds had been prepped for the winter months. The spring bulbs have been planted and all colors of pansies have been planted. Smiley from Now, I am thinking to myself, those are pretty sturdy little flowers to last through our cold harsh winters. Then I thought - "I wonder why are they called pansies?" The word pansy definitely has some interesting connotations, so I took it upon myself to do some research. 

Long story short. The pansy was named initially because the flower resembled the human face. In August the flower drops as if in deep thought - French word - Poncee. English - Pansy. Several organizations use the flower to represent "Free Thought"
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Since Elizabethan times the word pansy has been used to describe an "effeminate" male.  As you can imagine the usage of the word just goes downhill from Pimp to names of gay rock bands. If you want to read about it check out Wikipedia. (of course you know they are the experts)

So...As hardy as this beautiful flower is, should it really be named "Pansy"?  What would you rename the flower?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A recipe to share

So today, being one day closer to month end, I decided on a quick post.  Way too much to do. 
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This recipe is actually one I found on the internet in desperation for something to cook for Sunday dinner.  I get leary about trying recipes like this, you know a can this, a can of that.  Nothing fresh or extra seasonings.  But then I thought - how can you go wrong with cream cheese?  Well it turned out to be rather tasty.  This recipe has now moved to our permanent recipe file. 
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Creamy Mexican Chicken
  • 4 to 5 breasts of chicken.  (We use thigh and legs too) GASP!
  • 1 15oz jar your favorite salsa
  • 1 Can black beans
  • 1 Can corn (we use frozen corn - a little over a cup)
  • 1 8oz package of cream cheese
  • Season to taste - we like to add a little cumin, taco seasoning and black pepper

Put all ingredients into a crockpot except cream cheese.  (chicken can be frozen - no problem)  Cook for 4 to 5 hours on high.    Add cream cheese.  Just put the cream cheese on top of the chicken mixture and let it soften enough to stir in - about 20 minutes.  Serve over rice or shred chicken and serve with corn chips.  Garnish with cilantro and olives.

Have a great day! Ta Ta for now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

Guess is snowing outside.  BRR!  You know you are getting old when you start complaining about the cold in October.  We had such a late start on summer, I was looking forward to a long fall.  Hopefully the snow won't last long.
Ok, I'll say it.  I like to chew gum.  Smiley from In fact, I usually have more than one pack of gum in my drawer at work at all times.  So that being said, I decided to try a new gum...

I am such a green apple flavor nut I opted for the apple/pineapple flavor. I opened the package and the fruity flavor immediately wafted to my nose. Mmm, it smells good, but does it taste good? Well...Yes it is very fruity. The initial taste was fabulous.  My issue is the artificial sweetener. It is definitely apparent in the taste.  So that being said.  I will finish the pack, but probably won't buy it again.  If I want fruity - I will stick with good old Juicy fruit.

FHE last night was entertaining to say the least.  We had just about everybody there.  The funny thing was that we had three macaroni and cheese dishes.  Who would have thought that macaroni and cheese was such a mamas dish.  My mom never made stuff like that because my dad wasn't a big fan of pasta.  If we had macaroni and cheese, it was the Kraft kind and it was for lunch.  We had a good time and it was fun to visit with everyone. 

Home telephone status...we will be investing in a new telephone.  Neither of us are ready to deal with the fallout if we shut it off.  So, we will be shopping for a new phone.  I hate spending money on stuff like that.  I would much rather have a couple of new stamp sets.

Today is going to be a much better day, I just know it.  When I left the office yesterday I was ready to hit somebody.  The last thing I wanted was for someone to cheer me up.  Ralph was in a pretty raunchy mood too.  So when I got home and we both established our moods and the evening went smoothly.   I was in bed by 9:30.  I was able to get a full nights sleep.  I needed that! 

The rest of the week is mine - no extra obligations except for helping a friend put together Halloween treats for her daughters school class.  I will clean out my clothes closet and finish cleaning up a few things this week in prep for my house guests.  Riley will get some one on one time that he has been missing.  He is such a cute little bug.  Have a great day!  Ta ta for now.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Food your mama used to make.

I am so tired.  Allison showed up right on time today to pick me up for work.  I was still in my skivvies when the doorbell rang.  I threw on some clothes and ran down the stairs so I could at least tell her to give me a couple minutes.  Poor Riley, he was so surprised by my quick exit, he couldn't even bark at me as I ran down the stairs without him.  Well, I show up at work and realize that I grabbed a shirt that was headed for the laundry.  Oops.  I really should have taken Ralph up on staying home today.  Nothing that a good old Dr. Pepper can't cure at least for a few hours.

Tonight we are hosting FHE at our house.  The theme we chose was to bring your favorite food that your mama used to make.  Well, I decided that I can't afford to feed everyone roast beef w/yorkshire puddings.  Mom's egg custard is always so creamy, but I need to make something more substantive that that.  I love her pineapple shrimp salad, but I don't think my FHE group has earned shrimp salad status.  So I turned to Ralph - what did your mom make that you love?  We have opted for a creamy macaroni and cheese.  That should go over well with most and it is easy and tastes good.  So now I pose the question to you.  What was your favorite dish your Mom used to make or still does for that matter?  I could make a big list.  Mom is such a good cook.

Scripture of the Week...
Matthew 6:34
Take therefore no thought for the morrow:  for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Well, I have lots of work to get through today.  Have a great day! Ta ta for now.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quiet moment before a new week starts

With apple season upon us, how could I resist the urge to make a sweet and buttery fresh crisp with apples Ralph picked from the garden.  The apple crisp is in the oven and the custard is all ready to pour over the crisp.  It smells so good. 

Church meetings are done.  I played the flute today in sacrament meeting.  I accompanied the primary on one of the songs for their program today.  I tried so hard to get out of it.  Everything from, I haven't played in over a year to it is against church policy but the bishop wouldn't budge.  I don't know about you, but it doesn't matter how many times I practice, or how many times I find myself in front of a crowd, I get totally nervous.  I don't think I have ever performed a piece of music perfectly...for anyone.  That's ok, as long as I keep playing and graciously accept when asked to play, the Lord will continue to bless me to be able to use the little talent that I do have. 

Ralph is in the living room with all the young men and their leaders.  They are having the "Keep the Wocket in your Pocket" talk.  So I actually am getting a few moments of quiet.  Riley is even getting the talk with the YM, not that he will listen, but I don't have to worry about him. 

A bit of exciting news...the stake presidency has started interviewing for a new bishop.  Kind of scary because you never know what assignment is around the corner.  I don't know if we will have to change wards, and/or if Ralph will get called to the High Council or if we will be called as service missionaries to serve in a ward in our stake that is struggling?  What I do know is that I would love a break, but then that is not how the Lord works.  Isn't that what He made Sundays for...a break? Ha ha ha.

I find that when there is too much going on in the brain, the best way to think clearly for me is to empty it of all the little extras. One of the best ways for me is to make a list.  Not that this is everything on my mind, but at least it leaves room for the important stuff.
I need to...
*Clean off kitchen table of clutter - for FHE tomorrow
*Get another space heater - it is supposed to snow this week.
*Get a bathroom rug
*Finish cleaning up crap room
*Finalize Stampin up Order
*Find a black sweatshirt for the game on Saturday - Ralph just informed me he is not going. (another story for another day)  Anyone want to come with me?
*Buy a new home phone - we decided to hold on to our land line a little longer
*Get car fixed - don't know how it will happen - it is a mystery
*Help a friend make Halloween favors for her daughters school class
*Quit eating the halloween candy

Have a great evening. Ta ta for now.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Utah Man am I and other ramblings

I love going to football games - even in the rain.  My Utes sure made me nervous today.  We were able to outlast the AFA Falcons and we won 23-16 in OT.  I say outlast because that really is how the game went.  Our offense is not doing so hot, our defense kept us in the game and the Refs ...well we won't talk the details about them.  In short...they missed some rather obvious calls that could have been game changing calls.  Anyway a win is a win.  Go Utes!  We won't mention much about the team down south except to say Max Hall was sacked 5 times and the they didn't win today.  TCU has a great team.  Go Frogs!

My crazy weekend almost over.  I was thinking that after sacrament meeting tomorrow I would be able to catch my breath, but Ralph informed me that the young men are coming over tomorrow evening.  Oh yes I almost forgot - we are hosting FHE on Monday for several friends. break.  Ralph is trying to get me to take Monday off of work, but with it being the last week of the month I have to bust my hind end to get all my work and requests in - no dice.  Sorry DH - I will do my best to be of help.

The stamp all night activity last night went ok.  Not as well attended as expected, but I think next time will be bigger and better.  Those that did attend had a great time.  In fact, it hit about 11:30ish and I had one gal still here working on her projects.  I said  - Wow, I am exhausted, are you?  Thankfully she caught the hint and I was in bed by 12:30 - alarm set for 7:30 a.m. so that I could get moving again.  You know...there is just something wrong with having to set an alarm for Saturday morning. 

The RS Super Saturday is over. Yea!  I had all these really cute older ladies that wanted to paper craft.  Requires a lot of babysitting - but they were so cute I didn't mind.   I will post pictures of what we did.

One more week until Mom and Mar come to visit.  Thank goodness they are easy guests to care for.  As long as I have a stash of diet coke and herbal tea, I am good to go.  : )  I am actually very excited to have two of my favoritist people to hang with. 

Well, I can't keep my eyes open anymore and Riley is telling me it is time to go to bed.  (he won't go by himself)
Sleep well.  Ta ta for now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Much On My Plate

Ok - still need to get pictures up and I haven't had time to sit down and figure it out.  Be patient I will get there.  My goal for next week in a blog banner and pictures.  I also need to certify on the "My Design Studio" software from Stampin UP.  It is their debut digital scrapbooking program which does oh so much more than just scrapbooking.

I had my evening pretty much planned out until Ralph called to tell me that we had been invited to celebrate my nephews B-day with the family.  Well there goes a good hour and a half of my evening.  That is ok because family is the most important and actually who really wants to clean house.  We had a good time seeing the family.  Grandma always makes, at the request of her grandchildren, "Aunt Vinnies Chocolate Cake"  the frosting flavors change between vanilla and chocolate, but it is always covered in gummi bears.  I think the cake recipe will be passed down for generations.    My nephew was so excited - he got these really cool night vision goggles.  Which by the way Santa could bring a pair of those to my house for Christmas.  He also got a bicycle and other goodies.  Way cool for his 6 year birthday.

Before leaving for the birthday party, we had leftovers for dinner again.  Ok... for the record I am usually not a leftovers person.  I am ok to eat the dish one more time, but then lets move on.  Ralph made a huge pot of Chicken Noodle Soup which tasted so good.  I have actually handled it for three dinners in a row and I am not tired of it.  There is still enough for two more meals, but I think I will freeze the rest.  Last night...I had one of my favorites - homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes.  Talk about total comfort food.  If you haven't tried it - you should!  If you think I am crazy, just google it.  I think Rachel Ray did one of  her 30 minute meals showcasing the yummy dish.  I know, I know I should be freaking out because of all the carbs - but it isn't something you eat everyday.  ; )

I was working on sorting out the "crap room" last night after we got home from the party.  Needless to say I am not finished, but what has been done will suffice.  As I was sorting through some boxes, I found a binder that I kept all of my Dads letters he sent to me while I was away from home.  I am so glad I saved them.  I read through several and skimmed through most.  I really miss my dad.  He always provided such great counsel in them and always told me how much he loved me.  He is my hero!

Well, if I make it through today with my sanity in check, it will be a miracle.  I already have a cold sore from my elevated stress level this week.  Lets hope my body keeps up the battle and I contract nothing worse.  The last thing I would need is a cold or the flu.  At least I have been getting 7 hours of sleep at night.  I still need to vacuum, dust, and clean bathrooms.  I have people coming over to play with paper and stamps.  I have lots of paper cutting to do for tomorrows Super Saturday.  I realized I am all but out of white cardstock.  I will have to send Ralph out on a few errands.  He is my lifesaver!    Lots to do.  Have a great day! Ta ta for now.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well off to another great start.  Yesterday was somewhat a productive day.  It was hard to stay focused on the task at hand.  Especially those tasks I would rather not be doing.  (the crap room) 

I was getting ready for work this morning and was headed downstairs.  Riley B. did not want to come out from under the covers.  I will have to post a picture tomorrow.  He is not a morning doggie.  Kind of like his owner : )

Not too much going on so you get a little meme today

Outside my window....the sun is really trying to peak out behind the clouds.  She is not having a great success at it.

I am thinking...That I need to get more things done today.

I am thankful for...My wonderful family and all they do for me.

I am wearing...a new skirt I finally got in the mail after a small fiasco of receiving the wrong item in the package.  It was this horrid green/metallic gold jacket that has now been sent back to the company.  I love new clothes : )

I am reading...Middlemarch by George Eliot.  I hope I make it through the book for book group.

I am remembering...That I need to call the RS President and get a count of people who will be making my fall banner for Super Saturday.

I am going... To walk up the canyon during my lunch hour.  Gotta get some exercise in somehow.

On my mind...The stresses of life.

From the kitchen...PB sandwich for breakfast (didn't get up in time to do anything better)

I am DH has a good day and is able to have success in his business meetings today.

Pondering the words...from the 3rd verse of our National Anthem...In God We Trust. (Thanks Gary)

Noticing that...I really need a manicure.

One of my favorite things...Being spontaneous even if I have many chores to do.

Have a great day!  Ta Ta for now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well, I guess I am letting myself get sucked in to the trend of blogging.  I don't know how long I will last at it, but I will give it a try.  Hopefully I will get Ralph to post as well.

Fall happens to be one of my favorite seasons of the year. 

With this wonderful season, football games are abound.  I can watch my favorite football team play at Rice Eccles Stadium.  Go Utes!  I love the colors of the changing leaves, the cool bite in the air and snuggling up in my favorite afghan to watch a movie.  Which, by the way, I can because all the summer chores are done.  There may be a few leaves to rake, but I think I will wait until most of them have fallen before tackling that chore.

Actually, speaking of tasks, I will be tackling the "crap" room tonight.  The "crap" room is a small room that contains all of my card making supplies with a few extra things thrown in.  I need to do this because 1.  a group of friends will be coming over on Friday to have access to all my stuff and I need to make it somewhat presentable and  2. My sister-in-law and mother are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and they will make me do it while they are here if it has not already been done.  So after work, I will be spending most of my evening upstairs.

Ralph made a huge pot of yummy homeade chicken noodle soup yesterday, so I won't have to think about what to fix for dinner tonight.  We get left overs and I am ok with that.  Ralph is such a good cook and I am spoiled because of it.  Thanks sweety for taking care of me.

Currently our home telephone is not working.  The display reads "No Line" .  If you try to call it, you get a busy signal.  I know you all thought I was on the phone all evening, but just so you know I have better things to do with my time.  And yes... the bill has been paid. : )  So the question is...Did the phone die, or do we have problems with the phone line.  Ralph will be testing the phone at another location today.  At this point, we are seriously contemplating getting rid of our land line and just using our cell phones.  I will keep everyone updated. 

The morning is passing by quickly and I have several things to get done before I leave work this afternoon.  Have a great day.  Ta Ta for now.