Sunday, October 24, 2010

Garden Harvest and stuff.

Summer is definitely over.  Sigh.  With the fall breezes my allergies have spiked this week.  My nose is sore from wiping it so much.  Ralph harvested the rest of the garden and got it ready for all the plants to be tilled under.  I think we will be doing grape juice here shortly, once we have a freeze  - makes the grapes sweeter.  the apples have been harvested and we are scheduled to help press them for cider next weekend.  I am glad we don't have a ton of leaves to rake this year.  The abundance of trees and leaves at our last place of residence was overwhelming. 

It is raining and a bit cold.  The forecast is for colder weather.  My problem is that I don't have any sweats, pajama bottoms, or pants that fit.  This is the time of year when I come home from work - change from my fancy duds to my pajamas and a sweatshirt.  Old Navy should have something cute and comfy - maybe Shop Ko or Smiths Marketplace.  What I really need is a sewing machine and some cute flannel fabric to make my own.

(I feel bad about my neck!)
So if you are wondering...Ralph and I opted for a football game instead of stake meetings.  Even though it was in the rain for the majority of the game it was worth.  I love spending time with Ralph watching football.  This is time we set aside to be together without the stresses of home and other responsibilities.  Church meetings just take a 2nd to certain things.  with all the different colored rain poncho's the stadium looked like a big package of skittles.   It stopped raining by about mid 3rd quarter, but our bums were already wet.  We got home from the game and had hot chocolate and made buffalo chicken wings.  The hot chocolate felt so good going down.  By the time I finished witht he - my lips were burning!  They were so tasty and I even baked them instead of frying and believe it or not they still turned out crispy. 

We did attend meetings today down at the conference center today as it was a multi-stake/regional conference.  Our stake just happened to be one of the many that were invited downtown.  The messages were very basic - go on a mission, be temple worthy and focus on your family.  All of them very timely considering the moral values of the world.  I love 2 hour church!

I am working on starting up a home book keeping business.  One of my BFF's is helping me get on my feet.  No guarantees yet that I am going to stick with it, as it is hard enough to put in 8 hours and come home and do more, but the extra income sure could help us out.  Combine that with some of the things Ralph is working on  - hopefully things will turn out for us.

I haven't stamped much this week - I was trying to get things done for a gal that missed the stamp a stack.  She wanted to take my stuff home and work on it.  Normally that wouldn't have been so bad, but she lives in Ogden and I wasn't ready to part with my stuff.  I ended up stamping all of her projects and assembling a sample so that she could assemble the rest when she gets home.  I have missed a couple of my Christmas I will make it up to you on Friday with some great ideas.

Monday brings a new finance program at work.  I am not quite sure where to start, when I arrive at work, but hopefully things will run smoothly.

So as we have been getting doused with rain, Saturday morning Ralph and I stepped out onto our porch to wactch the rain come down... I left the door open to see what Riley would do, knowing full well that he hates getting wet.  Sure enough he sat in the doorway and barked at us.  There was no way he was coming out in the rain, but he didn't want to get left either.  Then he ran back in and started doing things that gets him in trouble - just so we would come back in.  Funny little dog.  On that note - I am going to take Riley while it is not raining to do his business and then watch the UofU football game again before bed.
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Wendybell said...

It's a good thing you had those rain ponchos ... I HATE being WET and COLD!! Wish I coulda seen Riley in the rain ... ;)