Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reality Check

So...I was running a couple of errands during my lunch hour and had to cross the temple square grounds and got the shocker that comes every year at this time, so you think it wouldn't surprise me anymore......

The COB gardeners were putting up Christmas lights.  Now I know that this is a necessary process to get started early, as they take the campus from this

To This...

But that means that Christmas is only 121 days away.  And somehow in the middle of that you do Halloween and Thanksgiving.  As well as all the other scheduled events in your life that seem to take up every free Saturday you have.
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I am seriously not ready - even though Fall is my favorite time of year I still have a few summer events and activities scheduled and planned that need to take place before the leaves fall. Plus - the family garden needs to continue to produce lots of tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn etc. so that we can store some for the winter months we are without the garden.

Well - I am off to prepare for my teacher training on Thursday and a Primary activity on Saturday.
Ta Ta for now
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Wendybell said...

Okay ... ZOINKS and DOUBLE ZOINKS!! I am SOOOO not ready for CHRISTMAS!! Sheesh!!! I'm still wrappin' my head around summer!!

marlene said...

you have gone all fancy Love they new colors! so summer I am to afraid to change mine