Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Wishes

My family always made a big deal out of my birthday as most family's do. You get to choose what you want for your meals and cake, the activities for the day and so on.  I also know that even though it was the same in Curtis household growing is not the "Curtis" way to bring attention to yourself. For Ralph's birthday it is like pulling teeth to get him to tell me what he would like .  He always informs me to not make a big deal and no big parties or get togethers.   I know part of that comes from money being tight, but come on - it's your birthday!  With me - there is no problem.  However I do like quiet parties with just Ralph and Riley.  That wish usually gets trumped with what Ralph think's I need.  - The whole family over for dinner, cake and ice cream.   

This is what I want for my birthday - A trip to The Cheesecake Factory for this yummy Reeses peanut butter chocolate cake cheesecake. Yes - it always comes back to FOOD. Oh my heavens this looks tasty. Some of those layers are caramel. Can you imagine the calories in one slice??? Don't!!! - if you do you won't want a piece.

So...I am saving my pennies and the calories for the trip.

Ta Ta for now
Smiley from

PS - We decided to keep the kennel in our room and ...Sam slept through the night - and so did Ralph and I!!!!  It was kind of funny because when Riley came into the bedroom to go to bed - he went straight to the kennel.  I had to "Pull" him out so Sam could go to bed.  Too Funny!  The two dogs played so much yesterday - they were both wore out.  There was a couple of instances where Riley begged to be picked up because he didn't want to play anymore and Sam wouldn't leave him alone.  We are still having "potty" issues.  Gotta pay more attention and more trips outside.

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