Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Design and a Garden Report

So what do you think of the new design?  Guess what?    It was created with My Digital Studio which is a product of Stampin UP.  This program does it all...scrapbooking, calendar making, card making, business cards, flyers for any event etc.  It probably won't make dinner for you or pay the bills, but pretty much everything else.  Plus - you have access to all the old retired colors, stamps, and accessories and you get new downloads often of new product.  You can also use other companies downloads.  Now, here comes the real honest part - I have used it very little as the only computer I have access to that would support it is at work.  My BFF Wendy is the genius guru behind it all.  Didn't she do a great job?  I love the Fabulous Four stamp set from current catalog (those little mushrooms are the cutest) and she has kindly designed my blog around the stamps and papers that coordinate.

The garden...Ralph's sister picked 5- five gallon buckets of tomatoes to put away for food storage.  It turns out she won't need all of them, so we get some of the harvest.  The family takes turns, so we usually each get a big picking.  I don't love the work, but I love being able to pull a bottle of juice or cold pack tomatoes off the shelf to make dinner with them.  The flavor can't be beat by any store bought product.

I am having such hard time focusing on work today - I keep thinking about all the things coming up in the next month...
  •  my meeting tonight
  • the jump roping activity on Saturday - should be fun
  • the football game a week from today GO UTES - 3 home games in Sept. YAY!
  • Labor Day weekend and Swiss Days (first time attending this year)
  • Scrapbook Expo with Carrie - (first time attending ever)
  • camping trip sometime this coming month
  • stamp club - way fun projects planned - you are more than welcome to come.
  • primary program - be glad when it is over
  • Canning - not so much fun, but great to have it on my shelf.
Giddy with excitement!  Now it is time to re-focus (easier said then done)
Ta Ta for now



Wendybell said...

OHMYGOSH!! Your blog looks AMAAAAAAZING!! ;)

Can't wait for Swiss Days ... and JUMPROPE?? Seriously??? Wow, do I feel OLDer ....

marlene said...

Wendy did a great job! I love friends! next month for you looks crazy! I guess most of your month are like !