Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August craziness

Well - I have kicked off the first of the month with a huge BANG!  We have temporarily adopted a little chihuahua full of pizzazz -so that when my brother comes for visit in just a little over a week - he can take "Sam" home.  When we picked him  up - his name was "binky"  Who names a dog binky?  Anyway - my brother has opted for the name Sam.  Sam was a little upset last night that Riley got to sleep in our bed and he had to sleep in the kennel...to the point that everytime one of us moved - he barked and scratched at the gate to be let out.   You would think the little guy would settle down for a little rest.  Not Sam.  Ralph - being the saint that he is - took Sam out for a potty break at 5:00 this morning - since we were all awake anyway.  By 9:30 this morning Sam had earned his way back into the kennel for peeing on the floor.  I think Sam will try sleeping is his kennel in another room tonight.  It is going to be a looonnnggg week.  To my brother and his wife...come anytime you want to take care of your new baby.    He is kinda cute though.  (not a great photo of me - just focus on the cute little dog.)

This first week of August entails...
  • Training a new secretary and teacher for Primary
  • A baptism on Saturday - yes I get to fill the font and take care of the clothes because the ward is in charge and the bishop and his counselor over primary will be out of town.   This will be my first time being in charge of a baptism. 
  • Planning a primary activity for the 28th - and boy is it going to be fun - just not at my house!
  • A sympathy card and several birthday cards -
  • Clean my house
  • Arrange for a bed to be moved
  • Garden and house chores - (we picked about 2 quts of black currants last night and several tomatoes, zucchini, crookneck, cucumbers and peppers)  The hard work is beginning to pay off - and soon it will begat even more work.
  • Book group on Thursday - have to fix some kind of yummy treat.
I think that is enough considering 9 hours of my day are spent at work.

Well - everyone have a fantabulous day
Ta Ta for now

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