Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Time to Pay the Piper

Last week my brother, his wife and Lucy dog came for a visit.  I took some time off and now I am having to pay the piper so to speak as I get back to work.  Why is it you can take a half day off of work and end up with what seems like three days worth of catch up?

Anyway...we had such a great time together and they spoiled me rotton.  I was not ready to see them go, but they had to get to a niece's wedding reception on Saturday evening.  Here is a run down of the highlights in no particular order.
  • We had a king size bed given to us by our little neighbor lady.  Just in time for guests.  Gary helped Ralph get the bed upstairs and set up.  We then decided to go get some sheets and a mattress pad for the bed. Gary got a little bit of shoe shopping in.  He likes new shoes - just like me!  (thanks Gary and Mar!) 
  • We found some time to watch movies - Bandits, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and Prairie Home Companion. 
  • We went to the Utah Symphony at Deer Valley Resort.  Mark O'Connor was the guest performer.  He is an amazing fiddler. Devil comes back to GA I would have loved to hear more.  Because we needed ADA parking and seating we got the royal treatment.  We had close parking, escorted to our seats that were great, they checked on us during intermission and driving out of the parking lot was a breeze.   We took a picnic dinner that was very tasty. A big thanks to Emily for getting us the tickets.  Woot!!  By the end of the evening most of us were wrapped in blankets.  It got kind of chilly,
  • The Reeses Peanut Butter Cheesecake was everything I had imagined and then some.  So worth every calorie!  Thanks Gary and Mar!Reeses Peanut butter Cheesecake post
  • We went to MacCools Pub for an early birthday dinner.  My oh my the food was fantastic.  We sampled ribs, mussels, sweet potato fries, lamb shank, buffalo shepherds pie, Lamb - french dip sandwhich, seafood cakes and a little bit of chocolate bread pudding.  Thanks Gary and Mar!
  • Mar and I got a little bit of paper crafting done.  
  • I now have a table in my craft room to work on - so no more traipsing up and down the stairs with stamping supplies. (Thanks Gary and Mar!)
Sam - my little friend went home with them.  Actually we (me, Ralph and Riley, despite the peeing and the destruction he brought to our house, had started to become attached to the little guy.   I know my brother will treat him well and give him a very loving home.  Sam wore Riley out...Riley slept for at least the next 20 hours.  He did not have to be on his guard anymore that Sam might eat his food, or get something he would miss out on.  They played, slept and wrestled often.  Thanks for an exciting week.


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Can't believe you have had a blog all this time and never told ME!! (not like you are one of my bff's in the whole stinkin' world or nothin'!!)

I think I am gonna go back and do some readin' ... (just read the post about the tummy tip/trick - hehehehe!!)

Love ya, friend! :)