Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pictures and a Birthday Card

This morning bright and early (like 7:30am) I head over to the ward house to fill the font for the baptism that was taking place today.  Turns out - the stake are the only ones who have keys to the font.  So... my question is why wouldn't our bishopric know that and tell me where to get the keys- especially since they were going to be out of town today.  Long story short - the font was filled on time and the baptism and confirmation went great.  We were home by 11:00 ish.  I got some stampin done as well as a little bit of organizing.

Monkey #1 had a birthday this week and we are celebrating this evening but I wanted to get the card photographed and posted before it goes in the envelope.  On the inside I stamped another little frog/toad and the greeting says "we hope you had a "toad"ally cool birthday"   I love this image - she is so cute and a little spitfire to boot.
Pictures of Sam and Riley  -  the new game it to see if they can get the bone from each other by creating some kind of diversion.  They are getting very creative in their games.
They are so cute together.  Riley will surely miss Sam when he goes.  Riley still guards the food bowls and Sam still wants to mark everything.  My house smells like DOG!    We will have to clean carpets when all has settled down.

Off to get a book at the book store for the b-day party and then to dinner with some friends before we head to the family compound. 

Ta Ta for now
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