Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year of changes

Life never seems to be dull.  We had a great holiday season.  We drove to Idaho and spent time with my family.  I got some reading done and some relaxation in.  We did get quite a bit of snow while we were there.  The bulk of the snow cam on New Years Eve/Day  I took a couple of pictures from the front door and looking into the front entrance of my moms home the day we left.  Some of the snow you see is from roof of the house.

It is always nice to take a trip away, but it is always nice to come home.

While we were away we received an email from our neighbor who rents the other side of the duplex we live in.  They informed us that the house had been sold and that the new owner probably would move in to our side of the duplex.  With that happening - means we have to move.  So we have until the end of February to find a place, come up with the funds for a deposit and move.  Happy new year to us!

Actually, we knew the place we were living was not going to be long term.  When we had to move from our apartment we looked for a place - any place that would work.  I contacted a friend of mine who had a house they were trying to decide about whether they wanted to sell it or rent it out.  We told them we needed a place we could rent - at least until Ralph finished his bishop calling.  They let us have it.  After about a year- 2008 fall - the house had been put up for sale and listed with a high price.  No bites - took the for sale sign down.  2009 fall - house went back up for sale, Ralph was released from the bishopric in November and the house was under contract the end of Nov.  They closed right before Christmas and now we are looking for somewhere to live.  I really feel like God directed us to the home we currently live in.  As we look for a new place to live, I think we will be guided to where we need to be and where we will be happy.

Work - is crazy.  I need to catch up from being gone.  It was only a few days, but the work will feel like 2 weeks.  I also have to write a silly skit for a presentation we are doing next week.  I want to make some good impressions - not doing so great. 

To be honest - I really have missed my papercrafting.   I can't wait to dive back in and prepare for my next class.  Don't know what I am doing yet, but I think I better get it done early so that I can pack and prepare for an upcoming move.

Well - enough for today.
Ta Ta for now!

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