Sunday, January 17, 2010

IF - tiny word - big meaning

If is such a tiny little word, but so much meaning behind it.  If I do this then...well you fill in the blanks.  Life is full of choices, and they seem to get harder as I go.

Time has once again flown by...I am so glad I have another day attached to my weekend to make it a 3-day'er.  My stamping group did ok yesterday.  I think my cards were a bit too complex for some of them.  I feel bad.  I get tired of doing simple and cute and these had many steps to them.  The card that actually took them the longest, came together rather quickly for me.  You never really know.  When the sun comes out tomorrow I will take pictures and post them.
Smiley from millan.netRalph stayed home from church today - still not feeling well.  He finally let me get him some meds from the pharmacist.  You know - the ones that have all the ingredients to make meth so you have to wait in line at the pharmacy counter and sign all your privacy away just so you can feel better.  Anyway - he has finally been able to sleep.  I made a yummy potato and leek soup yesterday.  We had that and some great sourdough bread.  Not as good as Gary's, but in a pinch it worked great.  Ralph wasn't real hip on the soup idea, but once he ate it, he realized it was what he had been wanting.  Warm and comforting. (note to Ralph - should listen to wife more often)

Smiley from millan.netIt was a harder day at church than I thought it was going to be.  I have tried to convince myself that we can slip out the back door and nobody will really miss us or notice that we are gone.  The bishop asked me how and I was, and I thought I was fine until I had to answer the question.  He had me in tears as well as a very good friend of mine.  I am being ripped from everything that is now comfortable.  To be honest - as much as it hurts and scares me - I really feel like the Lord has other plans for us

Well - I need to drag Riley around a few blocks for both of our sanities.  (He won't leave me alone)
Ta Ta for now
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