Saturday, January 30, 2010

Note to Self

I don't think the last 24 hours could be so chock full of stuff, but it has been.  Here is a run down...
Last night we went to Ralph's Moms and brought dinner to her.  A pasta salad and homeade breadsticks.  We kept the flavors mild so that the change from hospital food to real food would not be too shocking to her system.  I was also able to help her do her hair.  She isn't strong enough yet to hold her arms up long enough to wash and curl her hair.  We washed, dryed and curled her hair.  If I do say so myself, I did a pretty good job.  Years of watching my mother do her hair definitely helped. 

We learned that one of Ralph's brother's was in the hospital with some pretty serious issues.  From an infection in his gut caused by a poor hernia fix that took place years ago - to bladder, kidney and prostate issues.  Poor guy.   Ralph and a couple of his other brothers spent a good part of this morning giving him a blessing and spending some time with him.  He didn't want to tell anybody because he didn't want to take the attention away from Mom.  Phew - what are we going to do with the Curtis'

I packed boxes and ran a few errands to day.  Still not in my groove to get a lot done.  I didn't want to leave the move to the last minute but I am sure heading there fast.  Riley got to play with Willy and Gus all morning as well as last night.  He sure is tired.  All he has wanted to do since he got home was be held and cuddle with his peeps.  That didn't help, because when Ralph got home, all we wanted to do was take a nap.  Crazy.  I resisted and got a few things done.  That all ended when Ralph and I left for a date.

I know, can you believe it - we got to go on a date.  We went to Smashburger.  I love a good hamburger and I love this place, but tonight it did not hit the spot as it normally does.  Never the less it was a hamburger so I did enjoy it.  We then drove out to the south end of the valley to the IMAX theater to watch Avatar.  Oh my goodness it was absolutely amazing.  The 3D experience totally made it!  SPOILERS Of course the movie had all the cliches you could think of...the "marine", the scientist, the money monger, the hero, the falling in love with a girl, the Dad that doesn't trust him, the warrior who was promised to the daughter....
I totally got sucked in and loved every minute of it despite the unoriginal, predictable plot. 

This is where the note to self comes in.  When I got online to purchase the tickets I thought I was buying tickets in the back of the theater - oh was the front.  So as I sat there with my cool 3D glasses on, in my seat in the middle of the row three rows back from the screen, I started to feel nauseous.  With my full belly of hamburger and fries and the sensations coming from the movie made me feel really off balance.  I am sure the caffeine from my soda didn't help.  I just thought it would help me stay awake.  Now, I am a person that rides roller coasters over and over and over as we go up down around and upside down.  I never have problems with "moving sensations".  In fact, I have watched 3D movies before, but it was from the back of the theater. This time I was miserable.  So I ended up watching part of the movie without my glasses, which wasn't so bad, but I missed out on all those great graphics. 

So.. Note to self -
1. Do not eat a full meal before watching a 3D movie. 
2.  Do not sit in the front of the theater. 
3.  Pay better attention to the seating chart so you can tell the back from the front of the theater when selecting seats. On a side note - as Ralph listened to the conversations around us, I was not the only one who was confused by the seating chart.  Trust me, I will never make that mistake again.

We are home and I am still feeling a little woozy - ugh.  Riley was very glad to see us.  We are heading to bed to read the Sunday School lesson and get some rest.

Ta Ta for now.

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marlene said...

I am glad you got a date with Ralph, you know I spend time with Gary all the time but there is something about going out as if it were a date.