Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Win Win

No, you are not seeing double.  We had two great wins the last couple days.  BYU creamed Oregon St. and Utah beat Cal Bears.  The MWC is making a good showing.  Wyoming won their bowl game.  Now Air Force needs to come through and TCU should finish off with a great win against BSU.  What a great football season.

It snowed all day today.  Just a really fine powder snow, but it put some volume on the ground.  Definitely feels like Christmas.  Today - Christmas Adam...tomorrow Christmas Eve.   Speaking of Christmas...I love getting Christmas cards in the mail.  Especially the home made ones and the photo cards of families.  I always wished for a big enough family to have cool pictures taken.  Ralph, Riley and me just doesn't cut it for a big family picture.  I don't think I could get Ralph to even pose for a little family picture.  We have gotten quite a few cards this year, they are taped up on the wall for all to see.  It is fun to sit back and look at them.  Thanks for the cards!

I still have a ton of things to get done so I will leave you, not with a recipe, but a really cute idea for neighbor treat gifts that I found on a blog that I frequent.   Aren't they cool looking.  I will definitely be doing this next year for office treats, easy neighbor goodies and they look so yummy! Unfrosted brownies, cut into triangles and garnished as trees. How fun is that?!

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