Sunday, January 24, 2010

Words of Advice

Smiley from millan.netHoly Cow!  If you haven't had a caffeinated beverage for a while, don't drink a double big gulp of that caffeinated beverage.  I started my drink at around noon - didn't finish sipping on it until bedtime. (there was still a 3rd of the cup left)  I watched my clock turn the hours until 3:35 a.m.  Today, I am so tired and I had to teach as well.  So no sleeping in as I had to get up and review my lesson.  The Home Teachers are coming over to visit tonight, I love when they come, I just hope they don't make it a 10:00 p.m. visit. 

So we turned on the football games today.  I know, I know it is Sunday and I should be focusing on other things.   As I turned the channel to find the games Ralph thought it necessary to remind me that the sport of football does not involve figure skates.  I haven't even watched that many figure skating events, he just really hates them.  Poor dude! 

My sweet tooth has taken over today.  I gotta have a sweety!  Since I couldn't find an ounce of chocolate around our house, I made oatmeal cranberry orange cookies.  They turned out to be rather tasty.  I sampled the cookie dough as I mixed them up and then I sampled the finished product (several times).  I have officially satisfied my cravings for sweets today.  I love homeade cookies and a glass of cold milk.  Comfort food!

The RS Enrichment couselor asked me to teach a homemaking lesson for the month of February on keeping a clean, beautiful home where the spirit can reside.  Yikes!  I even said yes.  What am I thinking - Like I need another assignment on top of moving and setting up a new home.

Ralph's Mom is doing much better today.  We went for a visit after church and took her for a walk around the unit.  She was tired when we finished, but her heart rate was still in a good spot when we were done.  She had been sitting up in a chair for a few hour this morning and when we got back from our walk she had them put her in her chair as well.  That is a so good.  We are anxious for her to be home and healthy.

I am off to clean up my cookie dishes and then maybe sit down and create a card.  Everything has to be packed up after today so it is my last chance to play a little bit.

Ta Ta for now!


marlene said...

I have a great Idea you give me cookies and Gary will make bread!on a side note you will notice I am only to November patients my friend!:)

Nate & Sarah said...

I'm glad to know grandma is doing a lot better today. my parents have been keeping me up to date on exactly how she is each day and i'm glad to know her heart rate was good after a walk around the hospital. sounds like you are sure busy! good luck with all the packing and moving!