Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another day has come and gone

Oh my goodness - I made it through the day and I still have my sanity.  We put on our skit at work and it was a complete success.  We had the whole audience laughing.  That makes it almost worth the time and stress you put into putting it all together. 

Last night, I was so wound up about the skit and everything else going on that I couldn't get to sleep.  It took a little bit of Classical guitar and a warm soft doggy to finally doze off around 2:00a.m.  I seriously need to learn how to not stress too much.  It doesn't help or solve the problem.

Ralph has come down with a cold.  Yuck.  I keep him on the living room couch until he can breath properly and is no longer contageous.  I can't afford to get a cold now.  Colds are no fun!

I found an ice cream to add to my favorites list.  Dreyers loaded butterfinger ice cream.  Wow - I like butterfinger candy bars, so I thought we would try some.  Especially since Ralph suggested that a little bit of ice cream would feel good on his throat.  You don't have to tell me twice to pick out some ice cream.  It has got swirls of peanut butter and chunks of butterfinger.  It is totally yummy.  If you like butterfingers - you should try this ice cream.

Well, I am off to do some paper creation.
Ta Ta for Now!

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