Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Monday

Only in Utah does it snow over night - clear the air of the nasty inversion - and then everyone runs around in shorts and sweatshirts because the temp is about 40F.  Ralph says - it feels like spring is on its way.  After looking at the forecast for the coming week I had to break the news to him that we have more snow and rain on the way.  I am ok with that.  At least the air is no longer "Chunky"

Ralph's Mom is being checked in to the hospital today due to pneumonia and an irregular heart rhythm.  She had the same exact symptoms a couple of years ago, but the doctors didn't know that the penumonia was casuing the heart issues -so they did all kinds of things to her to get her heart back to where it should be.  Hopefully, this time her stay will not be too long.  I worry about her.

We are finally taking down Christmas decorations.  Yeah!  Also laundry and cleaning a few things in the house.  Not the best way to spend a day off, but it beats sitting at my desk at work. 

Here are the three projects we did in stamp club - I know you have been dying to see them.  I CASE'd (copy and share everything) the two cards.  I say why reinvent when I am in a hurry some one else has done the work.  Right?  Anyway - I did put my own touch to them to make them somewhat mine.  I used exclusively stampin up product.  If you have any questions - feel free to email me or comment.  I have commited (to myself) in addition to the card I try to send out every month to my Mother, I have committed to get home made cards sent out for everyones b-day.  Thanks for the inspiration Susan! - the smudges are from my club members "mits"  Happens everytime. :)

Well, I must be getting on with my chores.  Ta Ta for now

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marlene said...

love your cards ! been looking for one for my self!I'll I have decided is 1 1/2 is to long to go without buying anything !