Thursday, January 28, 2010

Packing Boxes and stuff

I wonder what it feels like to not stress.  It seems like everyday there is a deadline, a push to get something done, an extra assignment loaded on to the already big to do list, or just wondering how you will get through the day.  You end up wishing your time away, just so you get past whatever the stress was and then you look back and wonder how the time went by so fast.  On that note - I had my yearly review.  I thought it went well and the bosses were very complimentary.  I just hope I can keep up with their opinions!  Even though they had good things to say there was a lot of "pressures" added as they told me what their expectations were for me in the coming year.  It would be nice if they added some money to the salary!
Ralph's Mom comes home from the hospital tomorrow.  Yeah!  We have been so worried about her.  The ICU took good care of her and now she gets to be in her own home and bed before the weekend. 

We have started packing and going through things.  When we moved before everything just got shoved into a box...this time we are taking the opportunity to go through our things and get rid of stuff we don't need or use anymore.  Even though it is will be good.  I just hope in my haste, that I don't get rid of something I might want.

Riley knows something is up and it has been stressing him.  He doesn't like to see things get put into boxes and get put away.  If I thought I didn't like change - Riley is one that is worse than me. 

Ralph is finally getting over his respiratory illness - doesn't have a name because he didn't go to the doctor, but I am pretty sure there was/is a sinus infection some bronchitus stuff going on.  I know he doesn't handle stress either.  It will be really good to have this move over and things settled in.

Past my bedtime so  Ta Ta for now.

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marlene said...

I wish I was closer so i could help you! I hope you don't throw anything I might want. (i.e. Stamps stuff)

I feel bad for Riley Lucy is the same way about boxes and suitcases!