Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday hits like a brick

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Talk about difficult to get out of bed to get ready for work this morning. I was really getting used to sleeping in and staying under the warm covers. Ready or not the day arrived and amazingly I made it through.  I mailed miss Mar's ovals, and I even got my hour of exercise in.  Wow!  Stranger things have happened.

Work will be crazy until the end of the month - working to get everything in order so the books will be ready to close for year end. I will be taking time off at the end of the month to spend with my family during the holidays, so I have to work double hard to get everything done. It will be worth it...I can't wait!

Tonight we went to Ralph's mother's to help put up a few decorations for the holidays. She has some beautiful crèche's out on display. We hung some garland and put up some lights outside. There is a house across the street from her that has gone way overboard with the holiday lights and decorations. Pretty close the Griswolds home in National Lampoons Christmas vacation. I like a tastefully done home, not the overdone - light every inch of our house kind of display.

Well...I can hardly keep my eyes open, it has been a long day.
Ta Ta for now
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Nate & Sarah said...

I agree about Max Hall embarrassing himself and BYU. I was embarrassed to be a BYU fan. Good thing we are getting a new quarterback next year.

Well I'm glad to know you have a blog! I will definitely start following it.