Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

UTAH vs BYU Smiley from
Can the Utes pull this one off?  I don't know, but I hope they give it everything they've got.  No Penalty's!!!  Wynn - Keep warm, don't be intimidated.  Defense - Stay tough and Stay open, with a little pressure, Max might pass it to you.  Offensive line - Protect your quarterback!  Ref's keep your eyes open - no dumb calls you could cost us the game!  I am excited - and hopefully we (me) can be good sports about it, no matter which way the outcome goes.

Not a lot to update - Riley was like a 2 year old yesterday.  "Please hold me, please pet me, please hold me, please take me outside, please hold me."  Just gotta love him though.  He had a great little nap yesterday.  Caught a picture of him.  I am not quite sure how he kept his balance, but he was quite comfortable.  It has been cold enough, if no one will hold him, he gravitates towards the heat vents to keep his nose warm.  Funny little dog.

I will finish decorating for Christmas and making my cards.    Have a great day.  Ta Ta for now.
Smiley from millan.netGo Utes!

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