Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sleepin In and some Girl time

You would think that if it was your day off you would take advantage of sleeping in.
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 I woke up right on schedule to get ready for work and I don't even have to go in today.  So... I stayed in bed and cuddled my puppy.  He is so soft and warm.  Just in case you were wondering Ralph was already up - watching the news and dozing.

Last night I put all my Halloween decorations away and put up some of my Thanksgiving decorations.  I love fall so much.
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I realized, looking at the calendar, that November is going to fly by.  So much to cram into 4 weeks including the holidays.  We are having such great weather.  I am not ready to think about Christmas. 

The evening was pretty relaxing.  We had a great pasta dinner with the rest of Gary's baking masterpiece.  Did I tell you I love his bread?  It is so tasty - even on the second and third day.  Mom and Ralph watched Much A Do - one of my favorite movies.  Marlene and I went through my paper and stamp stash.  I got on a roll and I couldn't stop showing her all these great ideas.  Bed time came late - really late.

We (the girls) are going craft shopping today.  We are going to the Wood Connection, and then some scrapbooking stores.   I hope to find a cute inexpensive Fall decoration to add to my collection.  Fun times! 

Well we are off to take the doggies around the block and then off we go.  Have a great day - Ta Ta for now.
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