Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for...

Don't these pies look yummy? The lattice topped pie is a cranberry raisin and the fully covered in an apple.

I hope they taste as good as they look.  We are now in the process of peeling potatoes and prepping the brussel sprouts.  I have also started stamping my Christmas cards.  Once the potatoes are on to boil, I will run upstairs and get ready to go.  Sometimes I wish it was ok to wear my jammies all day, but Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't feel right or as special.
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I have discovered there are many things I have that I could not live with out... well, life would be dramatically different with out them! I am so blessed to have:

A sweet friend to spend forever with
A testimony
Book of Mormon
My health
Puppy kisses and snuggles
A loving and supportive family
Terrific friends
Tender Mercies
My talents
My freedoms
A computer
A job
Health Insurance
A car
Lots of books to read
A dish washer
A washing machine and dryer
Great Music to listen to
A warm home to live in
Hand sanitizer
The smell of rain
Frosty leaves, meadows trees etc.
Daisy's - they are such a happy flower.
Rubber stamps and ink...

the list could go on and on and I will probably check back in to add more, but I truly feel blessed (such a mormon word)  I hope everyone takes time out to really think about those things that they are thankful for.

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