Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and an extra hour of sleep

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Good morning one and all.  First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  I hope it turns out great for all.  GO UTES! 

I had a great evening last night.  DH fixed dinner and then we watched Disturbia. On a sidenote...Ralph stayed awake during the whole thing. YAY!  Ralph bought the movie when it first came out on DVD and I haven't ever taken the time to watch it.  (MOVIE SPOILER)...I rather enjoyed the movie - good suspense, a little romance and the bad guy gets it in the end.  Shia LaBeouf in not one of my favorite actors, but he did well in this one.  David Morse - the creepy guy does a real good job.   In fact I think most of the roles he has ever played he has been a "creepy guy".  I guess he has got that role down.  Very convincing.

Do you believe in Ghosts? Smiley from  DH loves to watch the Ghost Hunters and well as the Ghost Adventures.  Sometimes they are very fascinating to watch.  Tonight the Ghost Adventures dudes are having a "live" show at a lunatic asylum.  DH has been sucked in.  Kind of silly, very dramatic and they swear way too much.   Of course it is bleeped out, but the bleeps get old.  SH-bleep bleep bleep bleep.
Do I believe in ghosts...yes I believe there are spirits amoung us.  Can I explain what they are doing?  No.  Do I want a better understanding?  Would be nice, but don't really care. 

I love the fact that daylight savings time has been extended.  If I had it my way - which I rarely ever do - I would permanently move to daylight savings.   Another reason to love the fall is that when the time changes, we get an extra hour.  The question I use the extra hour wisely?  Most of the time yes - I sleep.  Sometimes I stay up too late and then it is completely wasted.
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Well...I have lots to do today.  I have got my Honey do list all set to go. (poor Ralph)  I don't know if the car is going to make it to the shop, but I can keep my fingers crossed.  Lots of chores to do whether it gets in or not.

Have a great day!  Ta Ta for now.

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