Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

Guess what...it is snowing outside.  BRR!  You know you are getting old when you start complaining about the cold in October.  We had such a late start on summer, I was looking forward to a long fall.  Hopefully the snow won't last long.
Ok, I'll say it.  I like to chew gum.  Smiley from millan.net In fact, I usually have more than one pack of gum in my drawer at work at all times.  So that being said, I decided to try a new gum...

I am such a green apple flavor nut I opted for the apple/pineapple flavor. I opened the package and the fruity flavor immediately wafted to my nose. Mmm, it smells good, but does it taste good? Well...Yes it is very fruity. The initial taste was fabulous.  My issue is the artificial sweetener. It is definitely apparent in the taste.  So that being said.  I will finish the pack, but probably won't buy it again.  If I want fruity - I will stick with good old Juicy fruit.

FHE last night was entertaining to say the least.  We had just about everybody there.  The funny thing was that we had three macaroni and cheese dishes.  Who would have thought that macaroni and cheese was such a mamas dish.  My mom never made stuff like that because my dad wasn't a big fan of pasta.  If we had macaroni and cheese, it was the Kraft kind and it was for lunch.  We had a good time and it was fun to visit with everyone. 

Home telephone status...we will be investing in a new telephone.  Neither of us are ready to deal with the fallout if we shut it off.  So, we will be shopping for a new phone.  I hate spending money on stuff like that.  I would much rather have a couple of new stamp sets.

Today is going to be a much better day, I just know it.  When I left the office yesterday I was ready to hit somebody.  The last thing I wanted was for someone to cheer me up.  Ralph was in a pretty raunchy mood too.  So when I got home and we both established our moods and the evening went smoothly.   I was in bed by 9:30.  I was able to get a full nights sleep.  I needed that! 

The rest of the week is mine - no extra obligations except for helping a friend put together Halloween treats for her daughters school class.  I will clean out my clothes closet and finish cleaning up a few things this week in prep for my house guests.  Riley will get some one on one time that he has been missing.  He is such a cute little bug.  Have a great day!  Ta ta for now.

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