Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Utah Man am I and other ramblings

I love going to football games - even in the rain.  My Utes sure made me nervous today.  We were able to outlast the AFA Falcons and we won 23-16 in OT.  I say outlast because that really is how the game went.  Our offense is not doing so hot, our defense kept us in the game and the Refs ...well we won't talk the details about them.  In short...they missed some rather obvious calls that could have been game changing calls.  Anyway a win is a win.  Go Utes!  We won't mention much about the team down south except to say Max Hall was sacked 5 times and the they didn't win today.  TCU has a great team.  Go Frogs!

My crazy weekend almost over.  I was thinking that after sacrament meeting tomorrow I would be able to catch my breath, but Ralph informed me that the young men are coming over tomorrow evening.  Oh yes I almost forgot - we are hosting FHE on Monday for several friends. break.  Ralph is trying to get me to take Monday off of work, but with it being the last week of the month I have to bust my hind end to get all my work and requests in - no dice.  Sorry DH - I will do my best to be of help.

The stamp all night activity last night went ok.  Not as well attended as expected, but I think next time will be bigger and better.  Those that did attend had a great time.  In fact, it hit about 11:30ish and I had one gal still here working on her projects.  I said  - Wow, I am exhausted, are you?  Thankfully she caught the hint and I was in bed by 12:30 - alarm set for 7:30 a.m. so that I could get moving again.  You know...there is just something wrong with having to set an alarm for Saturday morning. 

The RS Super Saturday is over. Yea!  I had all these really cute older ladies that wanted to paper craft.  Requires a lot of babysitting - but they were so cute I didn't mind.   I will post pictures of what we did.

One more week until Mom and Mar come to visit.  Thank goodness they are easy guests to care for.  As long as I have a stash of diet coke and herbal tea, I am good to go.  : )  I am actually very excited to have two of my favoritist people to hang with. 

Well, I can't keep my eyes open anymore and Riley is telling me it is time to go to bed.  (he won't go by himself)
Sleep well.  Ta ta for now.

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marlene said...

you are so busy ! I will be so easy when I am there I am so excited to come and visit have a good week and then we will play!