Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September and Book Review

Wowzers!  It is already September 1st.  My how the time flies by.   I only wish I felt that way at 9:00 in the morning as I sit there at my desk wondering if I am going to make it through the day.

I recently finished the book The Postmistress by Sarah Blake
I am not sure I have a lot of good things to say about the book.  The story takes place just before WWII hits the US.  It focuses in on 3 women - a postmistress who is kind of the town know it all spinster, a war correspondent/journalist who travels to Europe to report on the War, and a young newly married bride whose husband, a doctor, after a medical procdure goes awry travels to Europe to help in the hospitals.  It seems that most of the book follows the journalist as she documents what she sees over in Europe while periodically develping the other two characters in Cape Cod MA.  The book ends as they all story lines come together and each woman somehow is affected by the others.  My issue with the book is this...the author does great at telling the story, but wraps everything up so quickly it leaves you wondering what really happened.  I was disappointed in the ending - I wanted more.  There were so many good reviews, maybe talking with someone who has read the book and liked it might change my mind. 

Well - since the rest of the week and weekend are booked - tonight is the only night I have available for chores.  What chores you ask...?    Ralph has already bottled many quarts of tomato juice (I haven't counted) and made bread today.  I need to:
  1. Clean bathrooms
  2. Fold Laundry  - Put clothes away
  3. Brush Riley - prep for bath
  4. Make birthday cards   AND
  5. Clean craft area 
With Grandma coming for a visit - Riley is in great need of a bath and brushing.  If we don't brush him before his bath - the tub gets too full of hair and clogs the drain.  After his bath  and he's dried - he gets another brushing.  He absolutely hates the whole process.  I usually bribe him to sit still with his favorite treat as I get as much hair as possible.    Quite the pile of hair I must say.  Ralph has volunteered to do the actual bathing. 
It has been a productive day so far, and I hope to have it end as productively as it has been so far.  I am off to get more stuff done.
Ta Ta for now


marlene said...

I am glad that you wrote something on that book I am trying to listen to it right know have got to far into it and was wondering if I should keep going know I will so I can give my two bits on the ending. Riley Lucy just laughed at your pile of hair ! same got a bath tonight rolled in something fishy!

Wendybell said...

Daisy hates her bath, too!! I'll bet Riley looks and smells DIVINE! Did ya get all your chores done? I have a long list, too, but am having a hard time finding the motivation ...