Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh my Finger - Oh my thumb...

Oh my belly, Oh my bum!  
Actually none of those really hurt, but my face is tender from sitting in the sun for 4 hours Saturday watching my Utes play football.  And in case you were wondering - yes I used sun screen,  (You should see Ralph's face and knees - very red)  My Hams and inner thigh muscles hurt because I have started doing my Jillian Michaels exercise dvd again. I feel plump today (all those goodies last week) and my brain hurts - too much going on in the gray matter today.  I am tired because I didn't sleep well because I hurt and now I have to start thinking about how to tackle all my assignments starting today.

I went to the scrapbook expo on Friday - It sure was easy to get caught up in all the goodies they sell there.  Fortunately I was able to resist and realized once I was home and had a sleep on it - I didn't need anything I thought I wanted.  I stopped by several tables to watch the avid scrapbookers at work. Tables were covered in snacks, papers and scrapbooking stuff.  One lady even brought a portable crib so she could scrapbook and take care of her baby.  They Expo stays open until midnight and then opens bright and early the next morning.  My O My - these people definitely have a zeal for their hobby.

Have I told you how much I enjoy Fall and Football season? Ralph and I had so much fun on Saturday watching the game and being out of doors.  The weather could not have been better and I spent the better part of the day with my most favorite person it the world.  I love weekends like that!

Well enough reminiscing and off to tackle the tasks of the day.

Ta Ta for now.



marlene said...

glad you had a great weekend! ok I only have one question did they win?

Wendybell said...

No corn dogs??? Yikes!! Sounds like a good day. Hope to be able to join ya for at least ONE game!! (and I will be bathed in sunscreen ... although it will probably be SNOWING, so I'll need my parka and mucklucks, too!)!!