Thursday, September 30, 2010

DAMN DIET! and a full plate

I am in a total love/hate relationship with my new eating habits.  Let me give you my issues. 
1.  Ralph and I went to Chili's for a Friday night date...I really wanted some chicken strips and fries (Sarah I think you can relate).  Anyway, by the time I had two small strips and a few fries I felt done and almost too full.  Had dessert anyway and came home feeling just gross!
2.  One of my co-workers brought Banbury Cross donuts in to celebrate her birthday.  I didn't get to them early enough to grab a maple bar - they were already gone, but I probably would have eaten it and then regretted it.  What was left didn't even look good to me.  So I didn't have any.
3.  I hate that I would rather have a protein shake with fruit, than a piece of french toast slathered with butter and syrup for breakfast
4.  I love the way I feel when I eat right
5.  I hate that I can't eat as much
6.  I love the way my clothes fit
7.  I hate not being able to have Halloween candy around the house - I would eat it!
8.  I love setting goals, sticking to them, and seeing the results of my diligence.
9.  I hate not being able to bake.  This is the best time of year for baking -pumpkinney, warm, gooey, cinnamonny goodies.  It's killing me.  I keep tyring to come up with reasons to cook and then give it away - just so I can have a taste.  It doesn't work - the goodies never leave the house. 
Anyway I think you get my point.

Silly me has loaded the schedule again.  This time mostly with stampin projects.  I have 35 table favors to make for my Mothers RS Fall dinner (I volunteered and am ok with it)  I have birthday cards for October to make.  I have a stamp a stack in just a little over a week.  Gotta get moving on that project - so much paper cutting.  We are hosting a dinner next weekend as well. If you know us - we don't do things small scale so that mixed with the stamp a stack weekend should keep me busy.  I also will...with tomorrow being the first post, start the 12 week countdown for Christmas with project samples.  I know you can hardly wait.  (secret...I already have my Christmas card designed - yes I know that is a little ambitious, but that way I get them done in time to send out)

Well - gotta get moving
Ta Ta for now


Wendybell said...

Oooooooo, man!! Can I SOOOO relate to this or WHAT??? (remember my Italian Chef story??) I just wish that SOMEthing were making the numbers go down ... they seem to have been stalled for the past week ... sigh ... maybe you and I can have a protein shake toast when I am done with this ding-a-ling diet next week!!

marlene said...

you are my hero! I so now how you feel about food I feel like food is wining lately and the diet is on the losing team.grrr
I was thinking if it would help you can cut out your idea for mom mail it flat so it would be cheaper to mail then I can put it together? cant wait to see the Christmas cards!