Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a crazy weekend

Guess what - our heater is finally fixed.  We needed a new ignitor (? seems like you should say ignition, but I don't think that is right)  It is finally warm and I dont' need socks, sweats, Riley and a blanket to keep warm tonight.

While I wait for 3 more points to rack up on a silly mafia wars game I play on facebook, I thought I would update you from the weekend.  It makes me tired just to think about it.

Ralph planned our Friday evening.  I love it when he does that.  We had chicken, bacon and avocado sandwhiches on sourdough bread.  Very tasty!  We watched Hancock.  Turned out to be funny and a little crude.  I would classify this movie as a great "summer" flick. 

We awoke early Saturday morning to go and clean the church.  We only had to clean one set of bathrooms - gross, but it moved quickly.  We had a half hour before the service projcect started, so we helped set up tables and chairs for lunch to be serverd after the activity.  We stuck around and did our part to help clean up the neighborhood.  We cased several of the alley ways in our area for garbage and Riley got to come with us.  Ralph ended up with a nice gash on his leg from a broken Captain Morgan bottle we carried around in our garbage bag.  It wasn't pretty.  We finished our assigment and instead of waiting around for lunch which was at least a half hour away we went up to Ralph's Mom's to work in the garden.

We finished pruning the trees.  Prepped the two old apple trees for removal and cleaned up all the pruning remains so that David could run them through his chipper.  We planted beets, carrots, and 3 varieties of peas.  We came home bushed - Riley was exhausted from playing with Gus and Willy.  We did a little bit of grocery shopping and came home with ingredients to make jam.  Whew.  Three batches later I was ready for bed.  We made, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, and strawberry/blackberry.  We were completely tired out.

The next morning - Sunday - we were at the bishops office bright and early.  To make the long story short - I was asked to serve as the Primary president and Ralph was asked by the stake to serve as an assistant to the high priest group leader.  It was a pretty overwhelming day.  We had dinner with Richard and his clan as well as Ralph's sister and her family and his Mom.  I love those kids!

I was glad to come home, and not ready for another week.  But alas - I haven't figured out how to control the minutes and seconds of the day so here I am, running with the flow.

Headed for bed
Ta Ta for now

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Nate & Sarah said...

sounds like you have been keeping busy! that's awesome you are now the primary president...you will do great! i'm sure it will be a lot of work but definitely worth it. and that's so fun you made homemade jam. i love that stuff. i eat my dad and mom's strawberry jam by the spoonfuls (that's healthy, right?)