Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

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Ralph and I get to celebrate this day by ourselves.  I wish we were in Idaho to get hugs from my family. We usually celebrate with Ralph's family, but they all have other plans .Smiley from  We will watch general conference, play with Riley and enjoy the quiet day together.

So, one of Ralph's favorite things about Easter is getting to eat deviled eggs.  Usually you have so many that were colored and hidden it becomes a way to use up all those hard boiled eggs.  Well, we didn't color any eggs, but I didn't want Ralph to miss out on a treat. While he was at Priesthood session I consulted with the expert Miss Mar about how to make the best deviled eggs.  She had good advice which I applied as I looked for a recipe. I know that sounds easy, but I don't like deviled eggs.  I don't eat deviled eggs.   So this was a first for me.  Ralph  had one when he got home and he said they tasted good and that I did it right.
Smiley from A Gold Star for me!!!  Ralph laughed, because he knew that I don't like them and thought it was a bit funny that I would make them for him.  Guess that is what love is about.

Look what I woke up to this morning... more snow.  It should melt away today???   I hope. 

Well I hope you enjoy your Easter and truly keep the meaning of this day in our hearts. 

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