Sunday, April 25, 2010

My how time flies

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I can't believe it has been a whole week since I have posted. And yet....I totally can believe it has been almost a whole week. My head has been completely in another game.

I totally stressed my stamp a stack - trying to get everything cut and ready to go. I couldn't believe it...I was totally ready by the time everyone showed up to play with paper and stamps. I had a fair turnout. It helps pay for the Stampin UP convention in July. I love to go and hang out with my friends and learn new stuff and play with new toys. Thanks to all that participated.

I was officially sustained today as the Bryan Ward Primary President. I have some awesome counselors. I sure had a tough time making those choices, but it was totally confirmed to me today I made the right choices. Everyone is rarin to go. To top that off Ralph and I had to speak today in Sacrament meeting. Ralph did such a great job as always. needed some work. Of course it doesn't help if you wait until Saturday night to write it. Smiley from millan.netI got the bishop to promise me I wouldn't have to speak again for a couple of years, but I have this feeling that I will be speaking again soon as a primary presidency. Smiley from millan.netGreat! Just what I love to do.

Since Ralph hasn't been home during the day, we have been taking Riley to the local dog park. He is not an incredibly social dog, but he is getting better. Especially if the other doggy smells good. He has to make his rounds marking a few things and then likes to check out all the other dogs. Smiley from millan.netToday he met one that needed to express his dominance to Riley. I was ok with it - he needs a good thump, but the other owner was so good about keeping her dog out of trouble. Most dog owners are good people. Everyone wants to meet your dog and once you go a few times you aren't called by name but as "Riley's parents" You are known by who your dog is. Kind of funny. We saw some beautiful dogs today. I think my favorite was a big black great dane named Titus. So friendly.
I finally made it to my hair dresser this last week. Smiley from millan.netIt feels so good to get rid of my stray grays and get the curls shaped. I met my hair dresser when I first moved to Salt Lake. I have tried many others in between and haven't been able to find anybody better. She is great with color and knows how to handle curly hair and give a classic cut.  The only problem is if I don't schedule right away for my next appointment I have to calle 4 to 6 weeks in advance to get an appointment without having to take work off.
It sure has been rainy this last week,Smiley from but the garden looks so good.  We really need the spring rains.  The beets and peas have started to poke their little heads from the soil.  The current bushes are loaded with blossoms, the fruit trees as well.  I am looking forward to the fresh produce.

Well - time to be on my way - I want to spend the last few hours of my Sunday with Ralph and Riley

Ta Ta for now
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marlene said...

I am glad your stamp a stack went well I cant wait to came see you !