Monday, April 19, 2010

A day in the sun without being in the dirt!

Yes, that is true.  Ralph and I were able to get our gardening chores Smiley from millan.netdone on Friday so that we could take some time to play on Saturday.  The day could not have been more perfect - except for waking up at 7:30 to the marathon runners and their fan clubs cheering them on.  I did stay in bed and doze until 8:00ish. 
We did have a few household chores Smiley from millan.netto get done, but that was ok.  The highlight of the day was driving up to the U of U and watching their spring football scrimmage.  Red against White.  We saw many friends there and were entertained by all who were around us.  We enjoyed being together and watching the talent that the Utes have been able to recruit onto their team.  I can hardly wait for football season to start.  If only we could have garden tomatoes and footaball all year.Smiley from  We came home and decided to stay in for the evening and order in Pizza.  I ran to the store for fizzy drinks and a few things for Sunday dinner.  We were hungry and it totally hit the spot.  I will have to say one of my all time favorite pizza's is made by Domino's.  Their Philly steak and cheese is so delish!  I always love a good pepperoni with olives and mushrooms too.
My allergies are going crazy.  Smiley from millan.netMy eyes itch and my nose won't stop running/tickling.  I finally broke down and picked up some antihistamine tablets.  I am hoping they kick in here pretty soon or it is going to be a long night.  Someone told me to try some local honey.  The premise behind this is that the "local" bees use all the "local" pollens to make their honey.  As you eat the honey, your body builds up a resistence to the local pollens therefore reducing your allergic reactions to them.  Know anybody with bees around here?

Today was the first time Riley has been alone for more than 5 hours.  I think he handled it ok.  We took him to the dog park tonight and he loved running around and checking everything out - Mostly a cute little terrier.  It also meant I didn't have to traipse around the neighborhood until he and I were tired out.  He will have a week of this schedule and then I am not sure what will take place next week. 

I am still in the process of trying to determine counselors.  This shouldn't be so hard, but I want it to be right and I keep second guessing my choices.  For most of my life - my choices are made by what feels right and relying on the fact that the Holy Ghost would tell me if I was wrong.  Things have workout out so far.  This time I want a confirmation from Him that my choices are correct.  I deserve that, I have been promised that.  I just wish the HG would just pound me over the head with who my counselors and secretary should be.  There is part of me that thinks if I ignore it, it will go away.Smiley from Yah, I know that is not how it works.

Well I am going to go work on the cards for my stamp a stack this weekend.  I just need  - 5 more people to sign up.  Anyone out there want to come?  16 Cute birthday cards for $20.  If you bring a friend you get $5 off your class fee.  See, now you can't pass it up!

Ta Ta for now
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marlene said...

Wow what a Saturday! I am glad you and Ralph got to do something fun together! I wish I was closer then I could take your class!! I hope you get confirmation soon! so you can have some support Love ya !