Monday, April 5, 2010

I am freezing

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As of Saturday the "blower" on the furnace has not been working.  Ralph said that on Friday night the power flickered and it hasn't worked since.    The landlord said he would call his furnace guy. Hopefully he won't take to long to get to us. Our in-house temp is around 58 degrees. It is snowing - we are supposed to get quite a bit more before the storm passes, It is cold!  Thank goodness we have a couple of space heaters that we used in our other home to keep warm.  It is time to climb under the covers with a warm Riley and Ralph and not get out until morning. 

I have been unpacking more of my stamp stuff tonight.  I am going through them and deciding which ones I can part with.  Amazingly enough that pile is larger than I thought.  Hopefully I can sell a few before I give  the rest of them away to my SIL.

This should be a pretty quiet week at work.  With Conference being last weekend, most wards don't process tithing for the week.  We take that week to archive previous years work and attempt to catch up on our research and all the extra odd jobs.  Yeah...more packing of boxes.  I can hardly wait.

I got my walk in today before the storm hit. I am hoping the storm breaks up by the time I need to go out again. It sure felt good to get those muscles moving today after having a week off.

I lost the bracket challenge at work. Oh well - I did finish it the top 5 and I think that isn't too bad out of 15 people. I was actually hoping to see Butler win tonight. They sure came close to it. Too bad the refs couldn't have made a few more calls the bulldogs way. Great game - as it should be.

Well, I think I am going to see if Riley will go potty while it is precipitating.  Then we can climb into bed.

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