Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Satans Beverage

Ok, maybe that is too strong of a description, but it is a temptation that I cannot resist. 

So one of my favorite beverages is a certain flavor of soda pop.  I know you are thinkin Dr Pepper and yes that is one of my favorites, but I would have to say this particular flavor trumps the Dr.   Mountain Dew came out with it several years ago - one of their many fruity drinks that are so not good for you.  I don't even care for Mountain Dew as it is so sweet and so caffeinated I usually feel sick when I have had some.  I am not sure what prompted Ralph and I originally to try it, but it became a favorite that was saved for a treat.  Mountain Dew took it off the shelf not much after that and I have missed it greatly.

It just so happened as I was buying a few things to take on a road trip I noticed this drink in one of the small coolers by the checkout stand.  I purchased four of them and was tempted to clean the store out.  I resisted and was so excited to get home and share my find with Ralph.  We saved them for the trip and enjoyed every sip of this sweet nectar as we drank them over ice out of my 7-11 Thor cups. 

The Mountain Dew folks have brought it back - unfortuntely only temporarily, but I will imbibe and stock the pantry shelves until it is no longer available.  Poured over ice it is one of my favorites.  Citrusy Grape yumminess.  A weakness that is so not good for me.  Thus the name we have dubbed this drink. 

For those that care...we do have power restored to most of the home.  Our laundry room has some live wires somewhere.  Ralph got quite a jolt when he went to plug the washer in and finish what he started.  So...the electrician is coming back tomorrow to do some more "research"  LOL 

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marlene said...

I am so excited I think I might have gave you some it. was my favorite a couple years ago now to see if they have it here!