Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pictures of Riley and Sadie Belle

We took Sadie Belle to her new home over Memorial Day weekend.  Here are a few shots of her and Riley playing it up.  She loves to chew on his jowls and his ears.  I guess they are easy access.  He was so gentle with her and I think he enjoyed the playmate.

While we were in Idaho Riley developed a strange little wart growth inbetween his toes on his front paw.  He actually has those growths once in a great while and they never bother him.  Well...they have never been between his toes before.  He licked and licked and licked until it was raw.  I didn't really want to take him to the vet for a cone of shame, so we put neosporin on the sore - wrapped it in gauze and then borrowed one of Moms thin trouser socks to put on his foot to keep him from licking the sore raw.  The sock worked pretty good, he still licked it, but he couldn't get to the skin.  By they time we went home it was getting better and within a week the growth was gone.  Here is a picture of his little boot with the red tie that he had to wear.  We are so thankful that Riley's Grandma gave up a pair of socks for him.

These last two are of Sadie Belle - isn't she a cutie

Here she is in Mom's robe pocket.  She is a perfect fit.

What a cute little puppy belly.  Just want to kiss it.  It has been a long day - sacked out !


Wendybell said...

Poor Riley!! LOVE the sock idea (sooo much better that a "Cone of Shame!"). And I LOVE how Sadie fits in the pocket of your mom's robe ... bet they BOTH love that!! :)

marlene said...

so cute! those dogs are so cute