Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Things

1.  Music movie montage - makes me happy do ya wanna dance?
2.  Weather is getting warm  - glad we have a swamp cooler.
3.  Gotta put cages on tomatoes and hill the potatoes.
4.  Need to buy Harry Potter Tickets - Can't wait!
5.  Fourth of July weekend... already?  Really?
6.  Got to get back to the gym.
7.  Presidency meeting tomorrow - lots to talk about.
8.  Stampin UP convention 15 days away - YIKES and YAY.
9.  Need to make a hair appointment - cut and highlights.
10.  Salmon and green bean panzanella - recipe coming

Ta Ta for now



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marlene said...

go Cheryl go! so much to do in such a small time to do it