Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Could Someone Please Turn the Lights On

Yesterday morning Ralph called to inform me that the power was out at the house...except for half of the kitchen and half of the TV room.  The owner had taken the day off yesterday to get the swamp cooler hooked up and do a couple of fixes on the property.  Ralph told the owner of our dilemma, but for some reason it didn't sink in as a major problem until around 4ish that afternoon when he asked Ralph what was wrong with the outlet the microwave was plugged in to.  DUH!!!!  After looking at the breakes, they figured there had probably been a power surge to the property and the breakers needed to be replaced.  Well the wiring is so old, they have to be purchased form a specialty store.

Fortunately, a friend of ours had invited us over for a barbecue so we didn't have to worry about that.  She served us burgers with all the fixings and corn on the cob.  With ice cream and berries for dessert.  We were spoiled.  After dinner we came home to unload the fridge and take the contents up to the family compound to be stored in a spare fridge until we have power restored to our home.

As of now, the breakers have been replaced and guess what....we still don't have power.  The owner is now consulting a professional electrician.  Photobucket

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Charlie said...

Yikes no power is a bummer. That happened at my apartment and I was doing make-up and homework by candle for a couple of days. I hope it all gets worked out really soon.