Friday, June 24, 2011

$1.00 Sandwich

So yesterday Jimmy Johns celebrated their customers by offering sandwiches #1 - #6 from their menu for $1.00.  I love their sandwiches and I have my favorites.  The Vito and the Gargantuan are at the top.

My friend Allison from work and I hopped the TRAX train down to Broadway to see how long the line was.  We knew that if the line was too long we could always go to Rich's burgers which is too stores to the east and they are so yummy.  It was a win win situation. 

We arrived and saw the line wrapping around the corner of the building for about 15 yards.  We knew that JJ processed orders quickly so we were hopeful.  We asked some customers leaving the shop how long they waited.  They said 20 minutes and the line was much shorter now.   Allison and I knew that we could wait that long for a Vito so we got in line with all of the rest of the crazy JJ fans.
We only waited 12 minutes and we were able to sit in the air conditioned store and enjoy every bite.   YAY for customer appreciation days, Yay for friends that do things together and YAY for me!

Ta Ta for now


Wendybell said...

What FUN!! A $1 sandwich??? Awesome!! And a friend to share it with??? Even awesome-r!! :)

Wendybell said...
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