Friday, July 2, 2010


This week, as I have run around trying to get everything done - I have taken a few moments to observe...
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Weather - Hot Hot Hot - I am so grateful for my swamp cooler - it makes life comfortable.
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Gym - Have you ever noticed how much guys check each other out at the gym.  I am not talking about the homosexuals of which there are plenty in our area.  I am talking about the guys who strut around the gym in their USC football sweatshirts wondering  deep down if they are tougher than the next guy - when in reality, they have a bit of a gut and wear the sweatshirt to hide it. 
They watch each other with envy that they can't lift as much,or with pride because they can and they think they are way better looking.  Or you have seen the guys who can't seem to step away from the mirror.  They claim they want to make sure they have the right "form" when in reality they are admiring the view.  I admit - some of them are pretty nice to view.Smiley from  (did I just say that?)

Trax - I noticed yesterday that there was a mother and son riding the train - he took such good care of her.  He made sure she had a seat and that she didn't fall - even though she stood up as the train was stopping.  I noticed a family board the train.  It must have the been the first time for the kids because all they could do was giggle as the train when speeding to its next stop two blocks down.  They were so bummed when they had to get off.  I also noticed that not too many folks moved over in their seats to make room for new riders.

Ralph - He is so patient with me and so kind and supportive.  I love that we have so many common interests and we dig in together to get things done - whether it is weeding the garden, cleaning house, cooking dinner and cleaning up or making it to the gym.  I appreciate him swallowing his pride to make sure I have a way to spend time with my family. 

Smiley from millan.netChurch calling - People no longer feel the need to be on time - or take responsibilty for things they have committed to do.  Also that I need to have a house of order yet my house needs to be governed in meekness, when in reality I just want to strangle a couple of them. Smiley from

Work - the closer you get to taking some time off - the more there is to get done.

On that note - I will say
Ta Ta for now
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