Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is not diet food

Have you ever heard of a Machine Gun...Sandwich?  Me neither.  I heard of the this little shop on one of our local news stations.  I have been wanting to try their fries and waffles, but had not yet heard about this amazing sandwich.  Man vs Food came to Salt Lake City to try out some of our cuisine.  Which is when I really heard about this sandwhich that "Adam" came to try at a this little shop located on 336 W Broadway by the name of Bruges Waffles.  Bruges does not have a huge offering on their menu - in fact - they sell Frites, Waffles and the Machine Gun.  Rumor has it from the owner of Bruges that Adam (star of the TV show) apparently tried the sandwhich and loved it so much he returned the next day for another one.

Well, one afternnoon, my coworker returns from running a couple and errands during his lunch hour with one of these bad boys.  So...as I sit there eating my salad greens, the smell is just amazing.  He did offer me a french fry which I of course did not turn down.  So crispy and tasty - I knew that I was going to have to have one of those sandwhiches.

I talked another one of my co workers into going with me and the next day we were off on our food quest.  I ordered the sandwhich (pricey) and this is what came my way...  The bread - absolutely amazing.  Crisp crust - chewy bread, the best kind.  You then see these amazing fries and the home made spicy mayo.  You do have to "search" for the lamb sausage.  You are given two of them, but they are relatively small for the size of the sandwhich, but the flavor of the meat does pack a punch.  I did make it through my sandwich, but I will say I probably won't eat one of those again for quite some time.  Total Carb heavy.  I think it needed a few veggies to offset the rich flavors.  I wouldn't mind going back for an order of fries and their dipping/mayo sauces.  They were so good.  I have yet to try a waffle - which is still on the list of things to try.

Well here's to many more food adventures.  May they be far and few between as I continue my quest to become a little bit smaller.

Ta Ta for now

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marlene said...

Holy Cow that is some Sandwich froom my point of view it looks like bread and fries! yum