Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forecast - A week of craziness

Those weekends sure fly by.  I just can't seem to hold on to them.  It has been a good weekend, we got lots of garden work done.  We tied up the tomatoes to the treillis, weeded all the garden except for the corn - (not mature enough to put a hoe through it) bug poisoned the beans.  Some little beetle sure is enjoying their leaves.  I even got to try a few snap peas off the vine - yummy. We got Mom's lawn mowed and some root fertilizer put down on some of the plants. 

We were going to come home and get the household chores done, but they have been pushed to Monday.  Our work mojo had disappeared.  Millan.netRiley was completely worn out from playing with his cousin dogs and from the heat.  He didn't lift a head the rest of the day unless it was because he needed to potty.  The sore on his little bum was just about healed until it reared its ugly head again.  It looks like a boil.  Still kind of oozy.  Really gross, but I feel sorry for him. 

Today was a total relax day.  I got some birthday cards finished.  Just a couple more to go.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  So, this coming week is completely booked - full of good things!

Monday - Work, exercise at the gym, clean house, put up 4th of July Decorations, finish birthday cards.
Tuesday - Work, hair cut, exercise at the gym, finish anything that didn't get done the day before, prep for Presidency meeting
Wednesday - Work, exercise at the gym, presidency meeting, crash
Thursday - Work, exercise at the gym, prep for dinner guests on Friday - possible birthday party for monkey #4
Friday - Work, make sure house is ready for guests, dinner with guests (meatball subs, veggie plate, chips and dip, homemade icecream and cookies)
Saturday - 4th of July Breakfast at the park, Attend baptism for monkey #2, Hit the road (hopefully) for a little bit of holiday frivolity.

With that kind of week - I am going to need my rest.  I think I will hit the hay a little early.
Ta Ta for now
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gary said...

sounds like riley has an infected anal gland. In some dogs they need to be expressed (drained) regularly. this is typically done by good groomers or vet visits.