Tuesday, July 13, 2010

29 Floors and Counting

Since it has been so hot outside I haven't been able to do my regular walk during my lunch hour.  My friend Allison has started climbing the stairs at work and suggested I give it a try.  Whew I thought - is that something I could even do?  Shoot, I get winded afer going up the stairs in my home - all 12 of them.  After much encouragement from my sweety and friends here at work I gave it a try.  Well...I took a pretty slow pace and what do you know - I made it all the way to the top - all 29 floors, all 671 stairs, and then we came down all 29 floors, all 671 stairs.  The biggest surprise was that it was done in under 20 minutes.  How much did I suffer???? Short of a couple of calf muscles that were a little tight and thanks to my personal chiropractor who helped stretch them I think I can keep this up.  WOW!

So now that we are back from Idaho I hope to make this trek everyday, until it cools off enough to get back outside.  YAY for me!
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marlene said...

you Rock ! what a good idea I often wondered what all those stairs were for know I know !